Kashmir's freedom from India ?

I don't understand why the people of Kashmir demanding freedom ? Ok agreed there is a grave mismanagment by the present Indian Govt. and so the protest should be towards changing the Govt. policies and administration. Demanding a freedom for everything and every another day is not a solution.

Even if Kashmir is given freedom its 100% sure that the very next day it will be occupied by Pakistan. But some people in Kashmir unable to realise this and feel that they will be happier after freedon from India which is not possible. Why ? because if they are not with India they have to be with Pakistan (which will prove to be another disaster like Bangladesh). So, thinking prudently its better to stay back with India than agony Pakistan.

It goes perfectly with the saying as "A KNOWN DEVIL IS BETTER THAN UNKNOWN ANGEL"


Yes, bro. mehtaap I know my words cannot be understood by those who know only hatred.

Who have some wonderful vocabulary to abuse others moms (who generally become soft targets to attack during hot discussion)

My words are cannot be understood by those who grown-up listening tragedies, abuses and taught in the schools of hatred, always enjoyed the company of bad.

My words are cannot understood by flesh eating beasts who believe in - An eye for an eye - & Blood for blood.

Update 2:

@ Zam Zam: K, then I'll be waiting to hear more from you after when Kashmir becomes independent and does not fall back to India for help to save it from Pakistan.

Hope India will not be bothered again to handle Kashmiri refugees from Pakistan like in the case of Bangladesh

Hope that finally India will not be required to take tactical measures to rescue Kashmir from d clutches of Pakistan and will not go in the way of Bangladesh.

But even if nothing goes well come back sincerely and narrate your long & long story of disaster.

Good Luck !!

Note: Take my appologies, had I hurt your saparatists sentiment.

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    In 1947 our leaders, muslims ,Hindus & others, after fighting English Empire as a well bonded team agreed to divide the nation on the basis of RELIGION . Subsequently population was exchanged, on the basis of religion, under huge blood bath. Today after more than 60 years where do we stand. There are more Muslims in India than in Pakistan. Pakistan has been reduced to a Undeclared Terrorist State. Leaders in Pakistan has a Single Point agenda to spread Hatred against any thing un- islamic , particularly against India. If they do not carry on with the job , they would not only become unpopular but are likely to face Corporal attacks.

    On the other hand, In the state of J & K , Indian administration & Peace keeping armed forces are subjected to uncalled for complaints & humiliations.

    The state does not return any REVENUE , whatsoever, Indian Government has a continuously mounting Subsidy Burden to meet the State expenses. Ask an Economist He would say let the state GO !! It is just a burden on the rest of Indian Tax Paying Population !!

    Are We Not facing the same kind of situation at the behest of these typical self proclaimed Muslim-Leaders or shall I call them morons with 18th century religious antagonism ?

    Indian Govt should protect the peaceful Muslim Population & integrate J & K with the rest of India by abandoning Art 370 or some other computation of procedural Hurdles. Let indian entrepreneur bring prosperity , Development & Learning to the people of J &K.

    Thanks , have a nice day !

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    The Kashmiri independence movement is much, much smaller the the movement for integration with Pakistan is. Full independence is a pipe dream and should be treated as such.

    It would be a serious geo-political mistake for India to give up Kashmir without some SERIOUS concessions made by Pakistan. The little stretch of Rann Kutch would not be enough, something as big as disbanding their ballitic missile arsenal (Which is also a pipedream) is. I think the best way to handle the situation is for the the two governments to not let the situation dominate their relations, focus on other things, and hopefully relations will warm to the point where they really don't care that much. This is obviously idealistic and highly unlikely. Another option is for India and China to realize they need each other to realize their full geopolitical potential and for an outside source like China to put some serious pressure on Pakistan to stop funding militants. After the fighting has stopped, the best way to bring peace (As with everywhere else in the world) is to develop Kashmir so people have other things to worry about besides borders.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Kashmiri people do not want freedom. This is the propaganda of Pakistani agents. Some Pakistani agents have settled in Kashmir helped by Mehbooba Mufti who has close relation with Pakistan.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    this dream will never be fulfulled. India is a strong country and kashmir can not be snatched as was done in 1947, when pakistan sent mercenaries and snatched half of kashmir.

    Nehru is dead and India is shining

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  • 1 decade ago

    मेरी मानो तो अभी भी हमारे हाथ में बहुत कुछ है। इन सुअरों को कचरे का वो टुकड़ा दे दो लेकिन देश से सारे सुअरों को वहाँ खदेड़ने के बाद। लेकिन केवल कचरे का टुकड़ा यानि की कश्मीर, जम्मू और लद्दाख नहीं। जब १६ करोड़ सुअर थोडे़ से कचरे के ढेर पर रह रहे होंगे तब औकात पता चलेगी।

    Still we have time. We can give that piece of **** to these pigs but only after driving out all pigs from India into that piece of ****. Piece of **** means Kashmir, not Jammu and Laddakh. When 160 million pigs will be living on small piece of **** then only they'll see what the so-called independence means.

  • 1 decade ago

    Kashmir does not belong to 5 to 6 % muslim tribals who shifted to this side during 1947 but to rest 94 % which comprise Hindus Sikhs Chrishtians Budhists

    Muslims already have made two nations from Indian lands

    Seperatists may shift there



  • 1 decade ago

    They have strong emotions to muslims brothers of pakistan rather with Indians

  • 1 decade ago

    Wherever there is an Islamic community, there to is the seeds of a fast growing separatist movement.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    kashmir-Led Zeppelin

  • 1 decade ago

    you dont undesratnd kashmiris. no one here undrstands you. ur answers and questions appear as some retard trying to learn

    how was the dose u got from ganda ji yeasterday

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