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What kind of fish are these?

My cousin gave me these fish. He didn't know what they were either. They are fairly small. They swim kinda fast in jolts. Sorry not much info, and not the best image quality. I'm not too good at fish types. What breed are they and are they aggressive or are they compatible with other fish? Thanks for the help. The link for the pictures is below.

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    I believe that is a black skirt tetra. they are a schooling fish so you need 6 or more. I dont think that they are aggressive. Hope I helped!

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    This fish is a Black Skirt Tetra, a schooling fish best kept in groups of +5 and a great community fish.

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    They are Black Skirt Tetra...these tetras looks nice, im planning on getting me some...good luck with it...give it a friend or something so that it wont be lonely..

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    It's a Black Skirt Tetra :) Very cute little guys ;)

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    black tetra.

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