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Write an essay on importance of politeness in life?

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I don't have the time to write a whole essay on politeness but a do have time to put in a few words since politeness comes naturally to me. Treat others with respect and kindness, how you would want to be treated yourself. Giving feels better than getting. The rewards of being polite make you feel good and become a better, friendlier and more likeable person overall. Be polite to others if you would like politeness back. Others have their problems, ups and downs, like everybody else. Treat them well with courtesy, a little compassion and respect, and people will love you.
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  • jack of all trades answered 5 years ago
    In order to write an essay, you have to have an idea or an opinion on the subject. That is your thesis. Then, the body of your essay goes to prove your thesis. What is your opinion on the importance of politeness, courtesy, in life? It is important or unimportant? Do you think it is over-emphasized or is it that too few people are really polite anymore?

    After you've decided on that, the rest of your essay gets easier. You will need facts either from books, magazines, interviews, your own observations, etc. to prove your point. Don't forget to comment on each fact showing how that fact proves your point.

    Good luck
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  • Brahmanyan answered 5 years ago
    Politeness is the basic nature revealed by suppressing one's ego.
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  • write an essay on importance of politeness in life?
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