Is Slimming Tea is working in weight reduction?

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Hi Friends is slimming Tea is working in weight reduction? If yes mean which is the best tea that can be taken. please help....
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Tea is a diuretic and will make you lose water weight and dehydrate.

Now…the question is…do you want to look slimmer with chapped lips, dry itchy skin and crapping pebbles…or do you want to not be dehydrating so you have soft skin and satisfying regular BM?
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  • Abdul Rahiman R answered 4 years ago
    No, You consult a doctor
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  • manish j answered 4 years ago
    slimming tea are just antioxidants. Some have herbs which suppress appetite. The best alternative to mostly costly Slimming Tea are Lime juice with Honey in luke warm water taken empty stomach in the morning. I assure you if taken regularly, you will get same result as that of slimming teas.
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  • ? answered 4 years ago
    The formula for losing weight is simple - consume less food and move more often - the issues surface when we in reality try to put that into operation! There are lots of opportunities to fail in the big wide world don't you think?! I discovered some excellent advice by checking out the website in the box below, they have lots of instruction, I melted away 8 pounds by using their methods.

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