Is it possible to have multiple Adsense account for a single person ?

I have joined the site and some other sites which have Google Adsense revenue sharing programme. I want to know whether i can join their programme as well as apply for my own Google adsense account for my personal blog !

Thank you.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    First of all we don't need more than one Adsense Account. It's totally against of Adsense Policy. Use one Adsense account. It's also helps to get money more frequently than using multi Adsense account. Yeah, that's may be right that some people may afraid that if they disclose their PUB-ID then anyone can phishing their earning ... and which is totally wrong. And one more think, Google will verify your address by sending a verification letter which includes your verification PIN through only Postal Service. So, don't try violate Google Adsense policy. Once you got tracked, all your Adsense account will suspended and not further Adsense account will be reopen with your name, address and for all the websites where you've placed your Adsense.

  • 1 decade ago

    Yes you can have multiple account for same person. But you have to do following (illegal things correctly)

    1.Say open Savings Bank Account (SB Account) in 6 banks (don't give PAN Number to any bank account)

    2.Now open Google Adsense Account with Same Name with different IP Address (Different Residence or Office Address) So you have to make 6 Mailing Address.

    3.After getting approval for all your google adsense accounts. When you receive the cheque you have to deposit in a particular bank continuously not even once you deposit the other google adsense cheque in same bank. Laziness is the huge enemy. For one Publisher ID use one bank. You have to maintain one Diary to write all these things correctly.

    In diary, Put table ( Ms-excel sheet)

    1 Coloum - Google AdSense Publisher ID

    2. Column - Address of that particular Publisher ID

    3. Column - Computer IP Address

    4. Column - Bank Name, Branch, Savings Bank Account Number

    5. Column - After receiving your cheque confirm for which Publisher ID you receive that cheque and deposit that cheque in particular bank correctly don't deposit in another bank you get into trouble.

    These are all the Top illegal ways to Make money with Google AdSense. It is your own risk to apply all these illegal steps.


    Now come to Joke part :

    There are millions and millions of Adsense publishers not earning even 10 dollars per month. You are asking about multiple accounts for adsense. Good Joke of 2010.


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