How to apply for google adsense account for my all 3 blogs and 2 websites ?

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I have got 3 blogs and 2 websites.Can i have google adsense ads in my all of these blogs and websites ? Whether i have to apply for different google adsense accounts or a single account will work for all these websites and blogs.

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    Google Adsense Affiliate program in brief :

    Google Adsense is Free to Join – No.1 Affiliate Program in Internet.

    The following website you will get (Full) more information about Google Adsense for free. Why you people wasting your money unnecessarily.For More information on Google Adsense. This website is 100% Genuine. Because this is the website giving Direct Training for Google Adsense.

    Google Adsense is free to join programme. You are not going to pay single penny for this adsense programme. 100% Genuine Income. You need G-mail account that’s all. I will help you in this regard further to proceed. Read this below article fully & also visit this website link once before calling me.

    Above 18years anybody can join this wonderful program

    To Participate in Google Adsense Programme You must have a Website.

    Then you have to put quality content in that website. Which (content) not copied from any website or blogs or any web-pages. Your website should be live on internet for atleast 6 months.After that you have to fill Adsense Application Form. Note: Daily atleast few visitors visit your website regularly. Then only you can get easy approval. Usually, the approval process will take atleast 1-2 days. Sometimes a week or even 6 months to get approval. It totally depends on your content and quality of your website. But you should be patience in this regard. Once you get approved. Then you log in to google adsense account with your G-mail id and Password and then go to adsense setup tab and choose ad format, channel and color and it will generate ad code html code for you. You have to paste this html code in your web-page. The google ads will display within 10 minutes from the paste of your code. The ads are relevant to your content of the page. If visitors vist your website / web-page and click that ad, you can earn money. The earning will be depend on cost per click for that particular ad and placement of that ad. It may around 1 cent to some dollars. Once your account reaches 100 dollars. Google will send a cheque to your address. After 10 Dollars you will receive Pin Number Card. Once pin number reach your address correctly. Google will confirm your address. Then you receive your cheque to that address.

    Because the ads are related to what your users are looking for on your site, the result can be much better than you'd earn from banner networks and many affiliate programs.

    For now, Adsense is the best way to make money free online informational sites even if there are no obvious related affiliate programs. But you don't need to disregard affiliate programs. You can combine both these ways to make money free online and double your income.

    Adsense is easy to join, it doesn't cost you anything, all you have to do is paste a few lines of code in to your pages, and Google does the work of finding the best ads for them from hundreds of thousands of Adwords advertisers.

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    Source(s): You have to apply Google AdSense only once for all blogs and websites (no need to apply again and again for adding blogs or websites) If you need help send request to me through e-mail mentioned in this site
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    We all know that AdSense contextual ads are best-paying Ad program for Bloggers. Though, I have already shared my tutorial on: Create Adsense account but question remains the same: How to get Adsense account approval for BlogSpot bloggers, getting an AdSense approval is not that easy. Google AdSense have some strict account approval policies, and one of them is blog should be six months old. Though, it’s not always true, and if you have created a quality Website, you can get an approved AdSense account easily.

    The major problem is for BlogSpot bloggers, for some reasons Google AdSense, doesn’t entertain BlogSpot bloggers. One of the most common reason BlogSpot bloggers get is Issue with page type. One easy way to get AdSense account with a BlogSpot blog is grabbed a custom domain, create a professional Email address and apply for AdSense account. This works, in 70% of cases. But, in case if you don’t have money to spend on a domain, here is a free trick which will get you an AdSense account approval with

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    First step is to sign up for an Google Adsense account, its free & a single a/c is enough for all, once your application will accept by Google.

    Before creating an Adsense a/c, collect the following info. :

    * Website or Blog URL:

    * Payee name: Your Payee name needs to match the name on your bank account & Payee must be at least 18 years of age to participate in AdSense.

    After filling the form, submit it & then after proper authentication it will be activated.

    After activation, You can add adsense in your site or blog But Read the Google Guidelines properly before going for it.


  • You will need an account of Google Adsense. One account is enough from thousands of blog. According to TOS, one person can't have more than one account.

    Once your application gets accepted, you can use the same account for all 5 websites.

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