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what is the meaning of MORIYA in ganpati bappa moriya?

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    "Ganpati Bappa Moriya Pudhchya Varshi Lavkar yaa" -Marathi.

    'Oh Ganpati My Lord, return soon next year'- English translation.

    Meaning to: “ganpati bappa morya, agle baras to jaldi aa” ("father Ganpati, come again next year").

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    It is considered as a chant but have some Marathi meaning you need to consider.

    Morya Mean

    1 Go ahead (for Visarjan ceremony happen.)

    2 It is Marathi ward mohre ya mean pudhe Vha (for Visarjan ceremony happen.)

    3 It look like lolhapuri Language word mhore ya(go ahead)

    ref: Page on

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    Morya - Depicts the inseparable relationship between devotee & God. Morya Gosavi was a famous devotee of Lord Ganesh in the fourteenth century.

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    It is a typical Marathi word pronounced colloquially and means 'Come and present Your self in front of me / us'

    Source(s): Traditions and customs
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    moriya - is one of the bhakta of lord ganesha - so its connected with ganesh.

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