Hello! What will happen to my warranty of Dell computer if i will install Windows XP ?


I have bought Dell desktop which has preloaded Windows 7 operating system.Now i want to install Windows XP also.What will happen to the warranty given by the company if do so.Is this against the terms & conditions for warranty of Dell company ?

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    Dual booting should not void the warranty. You should be able to set up an XP partition through Windows 7. Installing a second OS is only a software installation, not a hardware modification.

    But ... as other have said, contact Dell to be 100% sure.

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    No Computer manufacturers cover Software under their warranty (nor do retailers service plans for that matter). So reinstalling any OS onto your Dell computer would not void the Dell Hardware Warranty.

    I worked for Geek Squad for 3 years and people never understood that. All you have to to mess up your computer is delete a system file or download a virus. The only time we'd help anyone with those problems was within 14 days of the purchase of the computer. (Because they could still return the system for full credit up to that point!)

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    I don't think so, but they might give you crap anyway. Make sure before you start the installation, you go into the Disk Management in Windows 7 and shrink the partition. Delete the recovery partition, and make a new NTFS partition in the empty space. After installing XP, boot off the Windows 7 DVD and say Repair This Computer

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    You have a licensed OEM version of Windows 7. If you remove Windows 7 and install XP over it, there would warranty term violation, and it's better to call Dell Support beforehand. However, hardware warranty of your desktop should continue.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Shouldn't void your hardware warranty, like if you hard drive died, however it may void any software support options. Really, just call their 800 # and ask them. It's the safest way to know for sure.

    Make sure you get a person's name and the time though, just in case.

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