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Can animals see/distinguish between different colors?

Can a cat differentiate between different colors? Please specify which colors a cat can see clearly?

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    ABSOLUTELY! red, green, purple, black and some shades of blue and oranges and tans that mmore or less blend into one another,

    Source(s): Cat Trainer who could ask er cougars to get her grren shoes or her red ones and after being trained no matter where they sat in closet Chandra and Caesare could find them. Ask vet and he said it is not usually the norm but not that unusual.
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    many experiments have been conducted on the animals like dogs, apes, cats, bees etc. by the scientists. They gave some eatables of different colours to the dogs. The difference in colours had no effect on them. This experiment has proved that dogs cannot identify different colours. The cats were also found to be colour blind when this type of experiments were conducted on them. Can animals distinguish different coloursIn addition to man, ape is the only mammal which can distinguish between different colours, whereas all other mammals are colour blind.

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    Other Bits of Cats Eye Trivia

    Cats cannot see directly beneath their noses. You can test this by offering your kitty a treat, such as Pounce. He can smell it, but if you drop it directly beneath his nose, he'll have to root around a bit before finding it.

    Rumors aside, cats are not colorblind. Their ability to see color is not as enhanced as ours, but they can see some colors.

    If normal human vision is 20/20, then that of the cat is 20/100. He has keen vision for objects far away, but things up close may appear fuzzy or blurred. Perhaps this is why cats do the sniff test when greeting friends.

    Most white blue-eyed cats are deaf. A white cat with odd-eyes (one blue and one green or gold) will most often be deaf on the side with the blue eye.

    Cats "Kiss" with their Eyes. Have you ever noticed your cat gazing at you for a long moment and then slowly blinking his eyes? That's the kitty equivalent of a kiss, and you should feel very flattered. Of course, a nip on the nose is also their way of giving a kiss. If you want to show your cat you love him, give him a kitty kiss right back. No, not on the nose. Just give him that long stare and slow blink and see what happens.

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    I know that dogs see only in black-n-white. Cats have excellent night vision and can see much better than us even in a badly lit environment, though they cannot see in total darkness. This special ability, so useful for the nocturnal predator, comes at the expense of daytime vision. In fact, cats are relatively shortsighted and during daytime tend to rely more than us on their senses of smell and sound.

    We don't know for sure what kind of colors cats can see, but scientific tests indicate that cats can recognize at least some of the colors that we do.

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  • I have read that cats can discern some colors but not others. So while they are technically colorblind, they don't see in black and white as previously thought.

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    They respond to purples, blues, greens, yellows and reds, as they're hunters and those colours would be what they look for. The rest of the spectrum appears as shades of gray.

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    I always thought cats liked purple.

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