What should i write to my girl friend ?

Hi Friends ,

Well i am 22 and i have a gf who is 19.We both fell in love 3 years ago.And its been like she is the one for me .we both love each other a lot.i can even die for her same in her side.She speaks to me daily frpm her mom's mobile secretly because she doesn't have a mobile for herself.but yesterday while she was speaking with me her mom found out that she is speaking with someone else.her mom beaten her the whole night.She cant able to speak with me in phone hereafter and we cant able to meet each other too.my sister and her younger sister are classmates the only way i can interact with her is by giving a letter to her through my sister so that she can give it to my gf's sister and she will pass it to my love.But i am out of words i dont know what to write because i am very much upset.please help me by telling what to write in that piece of paper so that she will not feel upset..please help me

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    The words are hard for me to gather....

    Love is so very complicated. But when you find that person who you feel empty without, who you cant see yourself living life without, the person who you would give everything up for and still be happy.... Well its hard to know that they are not able to be there with you. Tell her You love her. She is your world, even when it feels that she is a lifetime away. Tell her you dont want to say that you miss her, because that would not suffice the pain in your heart...:/. Tell her to run away to you :).

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    Umm, you should get your gf out of that HOUSE IF HER MOM IS BEATING HER. Your girlfriend is old enough to move out. In the U.S. I think it the same for the U.K. Either way you guys should just live together if she's getting abused (Beaten) and if you guys love each other. Cause this is crazy!

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    Easiest thing to do is meet her parents and ask to date their daughter and apologize that it took you a long time to do it;)

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