Can we expect from UPA Govt. ?

Since CWG is over can we expect from UPA Govt. to bring corrupt leaders of CWG to justice ?


Well good if UPA Govt. has really started its mission to expose all corrupt leaders of Past & PRESENT then WE hope the following must be atleast last in the list:

1) CWG scam;

2) Bofors Scam;

3) Bhopal Gas SCAM;

4) Food grain spoilage (fresh case);

5) Jagdish Titler's case;

6) SWISS Bank account case;

7) Details of Land acquired under the Land Acquisition Act, 1894

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    With Rajas, Baalus, Pawars etc in their team, do you still expect any sense of justice or ethics from them? They are playing with the wealth case of Maya or those other CBI cases of the Yadavs and whatever cases listed by a friend about people in opposition camp and more.. They would never take any case to their judicial culmination, but use them for political advantages only.

    There is no ''development'' agenda or ''secular'' agenda with the rulers who are engrossed in silencing criminal activities of their own team and aiming to weaken the opponents with skewed actions and mis propagandas! We saw how the prices have been playing havoc in the country and the President of Traders Association here (Tamilnadu) has been claiming repeatedly that the online trading was the cause of abnormal price rises, affecting both genuine traders (by those who simply hike prices for siphoning profits on the way, but not actually involved in stocking and selling) as well as consumers.

    The communists were also exposing how the relaxation of inter state movements of grains, the export restrictions etc when there was alrady short supply domestically, under vague excuses, just to help some exporters etc was playing havoc with people. The people know how sugar scam and wheat import scams are still unresolved!

    On the secular front, blatant appeaseent measures have been unleashed like the survey on muslim status across the country (Sachar committee) which was questioned by the apex court - while hearing a PIL - as unconstitutional and discriminatory to other communities!

    Political advantage is sought to be gained by over blowing the post Godhra episode while all the time silent on the Sikh massacres carried on post Indira murder or the repeated mishandling of the Kashmir or Maoist menace across the country. Was it not funny that a serious cross country issue like Mao / naxal menace was considered a local law and order problem of states?!!

    Thus the open double standards and pernicious use of constitutional institutions like the CBI and propaganda machineary against political opponents have clearly vindicated the motives of the Congress chiefs, making no secret that seeds of Emergency days are still preserved to scuttle the opposition in a different way, to perpetuate themselves in power!

    So these are not democratic people with any clean agenda and their economic experts and Mr Cleans are just propaganda faces with no role in administration. If people have any wisdom to see through the wrong motives, they could still save themselves from their misrule!

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    5 years ago

    If Mamata Banarjee really carries out her threat , the UPA itself would be rolled back. The Government seems to lack leadership. If really the government is interested in holding the price line, it can cut the import duty on crude oil by the average of the amounts by which it is raising the prices of the petroleum products .Either it can cut the import duty or the excise duty it levies ( on itself !) or both to that extent and avert any further increase in the prices of all commodities .The one product , a levy on which affects the cost of all products is petrol and deisel only .When the people are severely affected by the rising cost of living , it is simply unwise to raise the price of some consumable product which is sure to shoot up the cost of every thing else in the country without exception.To add fuel to the fire, the Ministers are theorizing about containg inflation and increase in standard of living .If AS TE FINANCE MINISTEER stated , if the increase in the price of petrol etec would contain inflaion, why not he raise the prices of peroleum products by cent percent and effectively contain inflation ? His invention is marvellous and deves a Nobel prize Coming to the opinion of the PM, .are the majority of the people in the villages enjoying a rise in the standard of their living ? The people in power seem to lack any knowledge about the nature of the standard of living of the majority of the people in this country since they are enjoing a confortable life at the cost of the people who pay taxes .Even a beggar in this country pays tax as he pays tax at a higer rate on the beedi or cigrette ( his staple food) he buys !It does not mean that the standard of living of the beggars has improved .The Government seems to have disturbed the hornets nest this time ! It seems that the PM is determined not to roll back the increase in the prices of the petroleum products and that he would prefer to roll back the UPA!.May be he is fed up with the problems of the Coalition Dharma!

  • Lies, deceit, cheating, acquisition of unimaginable wealth! For them, wealth matters more than honesty. What matters for them is to shout and make scenes in vidhan soudha or TV channels to cover up their dirty tracks. That is their legacy.

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    You have answered your question. But there are many more if you look back the UPA rule.

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    1 decade ago


    Once exposed m ready to arrest them all !

    Puja Offer: I have special PACKAGE for Kalmadi in Tihar Jail.

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    There are many things that Indians can expect from the UPA. These are mainly development and growth apart from dealing with 'communalism' with an IRON HAND. They are committed to free Indians from all sort of terrorism, including SAFFRON TERRORISM, JIHADI TERRORISM AND RED TERROR'.

    The government has already begun the process of a multi-agency probe into the CWG corruption issue. There are some other corruption issues where Indians have not got an answer till now:

    1. The Tehelka Scam when one joker was caught accepting bribe on cam.

    2. The Coffin Scan where money was made over the dead bodies of our Jawans.

    3. Cash for questions scam.

    4. Karnataka mining scam.

    Communal anti-national traitors, sponsored by Chinese and Pakistani spy agencies to carryout riots and genocides to destabilise a growing India, CANNOT talk loud on 'Spirit of Unity'.

    India Inc.

  • 1 decade ago

    never mind...

    dont worri of politics or what is shown in media or news papers...

    all the news is also rigged...

    just worri about ur own home.., ur own mother or father.., or ur spouse if any..

    all the rest is bull ****..

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