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Joker or Scientists. Whom do you believe ?

The following EYE-OPENING findings may seem to be very lengthy. But this is my sincere request to all of you in YA (Atleast all Indians) to kindly to go through the article as it'll will clear all myths about Indian Culture & Race.

In September, 2009 a group of city scientists at Centre for Cellular & Molecular Biology (CCMB), Hyderabad in collaboration with international researchers on Thursday debunked the age-old theory that states that Aryans are the progenitors of North Indian population.

The experts also set aside the theory that North Indian and South Indian people are genetically different.

The present-day North and South Indian populations are a genetic mixture of what could be called the ancestral South Indian population and the ancestral North Indian population. The North Indian ancestral group is closely related to European populations unlike the South Indian ancestral group, which is distinctly unique.

Ancestral South Indian (ASI) population and Ancestral North Indian (ANI) population had married among each other to give rise to the present Indian population, which is neither Dravidian nor Aryan.

“It is a genetic mixture of ASI and ANI and is quite distinct from the original ancestral groups,” said Mr K. Thangaraj, a senior scientist at the city-based Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology (CCMB).

The pioneering research study, conducted jointly by the CCMB, Harvard Medical School, Harvard School of Public Health and the Broad Institute of Harvard and MIT, USA, is being claimed as the one “which will rewrite the Indian anthropological and genetics history”.

According to the study, nearly all Indians carry genomic contributions from two distinct ancestral populations. Following this ancient mixture, many groups experienced periods of genetic isolation from each other for thousands of years. It has medical implications for people of Indian descent.

Although the genome sequences of any two unrelated people differ by just 0.1 per cent, that tiny slice of genetic material is a rich source of information. It provides clues that can help reconstruct the historical origins of modern populations. The research team analysed more than 5,00,000 genetic markers across the genomes of 132 individuals from 25 diverse groups, representing 13 states, all six language families, traditionally “upper” and “lower” castes, and tribal groups.

Dr Lalji Singh, the co-author of the study, said India is not a nation of one population. It is a nation of 4,635 populations, 532 tribes and 72 primitive tribes. The original tribal population gave birth to the caste system as it diverted from forest life to the agricultural activity.

The study also asserts, based on the impossibility of identifying any genetic indicators across caste lines, that castes in South Asia grew out of traditional tribal organizations during the formation of Indian society, and was not the product of any Aryan invasion and "subjugation" of Dravidian people.

Now, tell me friends whom do you believe ? Racist Idiots who keeps on discriminating Indians based on fake theories of Ayan-Dravidian myth or our Genius Scientists ?

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    The Aryan Myth had exploded long ago, with archaeological evidences placing pointers in different directions other than the invasion theory! But the theory still pays the political agenda of some people here and so they would go by what you call ''jokers'' though the so called protagonists of the disproved theory are mainly labelled ''rationalists'' They would go by scientists only when the findings go with their views on any topic!

    All others who have no iron to grind, would accept the findings discussed in the scientific conference!

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    Fascinating information !

    I always have stood by this theory which these scientists have now proven.

    What i would however like to say is that although Aryans and Dravidians aren't genetically different, their languages are undeniably dissimilar.

    Indo-Aryan and Dravidians are a world apart when it comes to language. My theory is that around 2000BC, ALL OF INDIA spoke Dravidian languages (including the Indus Valley People). Then around 1500BC Indo-european languages were introduced on the Dravidian/Indian population in North India.

    So today's Indo-Aryans are just Dravidians speaking Indo-European languages. The BRAHUI people of Balochistan, Pakistan still speak a Dravidian language although they are physically no different from their Baloch neighbours.

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    AIT suits all, otherwise how casteism can be defended. This study, despite correctness will be hailed in public and despised in private.

    we all indians are jokers so to be in here, just be one of them.

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    The ANI are the INVADER ARYANS and the ASI are the SONS-OF-THE-SOIL DRAVIDIANS. Later they mixed or glued to form the present population is irrelevant.


    India Inc.

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    I know whom you are pointing out. I would believe scientists and NOT Jokers even if they are Legally INCORPORATED ! ha ha ha....

    Thanks for such EYE-OPENING facts.

    @Amit: So you think that CCMB, Harvard Medical School, Harvard School of Public Health and the Broad Institute of Harvard and MIT, USA all belongs to RSS group ! Wow ! ha ha ha ha....I think you need a chimney on your researchful head !

    Source(s): Please don't click that crapy youtube link provided by one of answerer. It contains full of VIRUS its DANGER *X*
  • Anonymous
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    That is just an RSSS propaganda. The Aryan and Dravidians races are separate and distinct

  • Anonymous
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    I like Jokers - so I vote for them.

  • Anonymous
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    TL; DR

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