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Which are the best hair straightening products?

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Hello , m a gal of 23 yrs, and my hair is curly,dry,lifeless and very rough. so i decided to do my hair straight. and i want to do it at home itself. so can any one suggest me the ...show more
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Depending how much money you have, you should do the brazilian straightening system, your hair dries straight and it stays very soft... it's very expensive though but very worth the money because it doesn't damage your hair at all..

If you're look to flat iron, look into the bed head or Chi products.. There are heat damage sprays that you spray in your hair before straightening your hair to prevent it from damaging... also buy moisturizing shampoo's and Pantene Anti-Frizz Serum.
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  • ms.day dreamer answered 4 years ago
    here are ways of hair straightening the natural way-

    1.Coconut And Lime Juice – Take a glass of coconut milk and mix 2 spoons of lime water in it. Put it in a fridge. This will let the content thicken. Massage
    it on your hair and apply it till the roots. Then comb your hair and wrap it up. After a while you can shape your hair the way you want. Because of less lime content, your hair won't be sticky, rather will look healthy. Constant use of this tip can make your hair sleek.

    2.Milk – Mix 1/3rd milk with equal quantity of water and spray it on your hair. As the mixture settles down after 20-25 minutes. You can shape your hair in the way your want and let it dry.

    You can also mix milk and honey in equal quantity and apply it to the hair. After two hours, shampoo the hair and comb it. This will let you have a straight hair in the course of time.

    3.Hot Oil – Heat hair oil and massage it on your scalp for 15-20 minutes. Then comb thoroughly and cover it with a hot towel for 30 minutes. This works on the same technique as straightener. It provides moisture to your follicles, which relaxes your curls and waves.

    Natural hair straightening tips can be used immediate need and for permanent cure as well. Continuous usage of the above tip and make your hair sleek if not completely straight. Once hair type can never be changed unless chemical is used but these natural ways can surely transform your hair from wavy and curly to sleek.
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  • Me answered 4 years ago
    CHI! I use CHI everytthinng!
    My friends say I have "doll hair!" All thanks to CHI!
    I use CHI shampoo and conditioner...but it tends to be expensive so you can really just use any good moisturizing shampoo & conditioner. After I get out of the shower I spray my hair with CHI Keratin Mist (Adds strength and health), then I use Moroccan Oil brand oil while my hair is still wet (prevents freeze and makes hair shiny) than Tresseme heat protectant spray (prevents heat damage & breakage). I then blow dry my hair. When I am done I'm ready to straighten it, so I use CHI heat protectant spray-CHI Straight Guard. Then I straighten my hair and when I am done I put in a dollop or CHI Silk Infusion Oil (optional, can put in before straightening hair also...this adds shine and protectant and makes hair SO silky). Lastly, I use CHI Shine Spray. This is red with a grey top. Then, follow with any brand hairspray if needed! Hope this helped! CHI is WORTH IT!


    Personal experience.
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  • Patricia answered 4 years ago
    I used Hair Vitamin Serum Capsule. It's good for me.


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  • which are the best hair straightening products?
    Hello ,
    m a gal of 23 yrs, and my hair is curly,dry,lifeless and very rough. so i decided to do my hair straight. and i want to do it at home itself. so can any one suggest me the list of products used for hair straightening and good brands of those products also.

    it will be a real great help to me...
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