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Hello i want list of all the taxes we pay in india?

PLEASE SOME ONE HELP ME ON THIS..........................

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  • Aroop
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    Indirect taxes:

    VAT (value added tax)

    Additional tax on VAT

    Surcharge on VAT

    CST (central sales tax)

    Excise duty

    Customs duty

    Service tax

    TCS (tax collected at source)


    Entry tax

    Direct taxes:

    TDS (tax deducted at source)

    Income tax

    MAT (Minimum alternate tax)

    Professional tax

    Works contract tax

    Fringe Benefit Tax

    On securities:

    Securities transaction tax

    Capital gains tax


    Wealth tax

    Gift tax

    Banking Cash Transaction Tax

    Corporation Tax

    Water tax

    Property tax

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    Life is too short to List them.

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