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Goddess Mathangi - can you please explain about Mathangi ?

poet kalidasa got blessings from Mathangi, the Goddess.

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    Goddess Matangi is one of the 10 Mahavidyas. she is dark and opposite force of Saraswati. She is also called Neela Saraswati

    Matangi is the Goddess of divine order. As above so below as an ancient quote says.

    A great example of the order of the universe are the sciences of fractals or the holographic theory of the universe.

    She is also used extensively by artists who use this universal order to channel works of great depth and beauty.

    Matangi is also called Shudra Devi. Typical image of Matangi, the "Outcaste goddess," shown with a skull, a vina (musical instrument of southern India), a machete, and the writing OM on the palm of her hand. A crow sits on her right knee. She is the guardian of outsiders and misfits and favors them above the established and socially privileged folk of the world.

    Unlike the other devatas who receive offerings of ripe fruit and fresh flowers, Matangi is uniquely offered leftovers and other cast-of items, things left out, usorted, unpaired socks, string to short to save, loose change. Her offerings may also include things considered to be polluted or spoiled, like spoiled food. In the Tantric sense, she represents candala the inner heat or "fire from within" that burns away all impurities, all that is inessential to the full awakening of ruthless warrior power.

    another Mathangi is on YA, who is my best friend LOL

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    Raja Mathangi

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    Goddess Mathangi is the daughter of sage Mathangar. She is having a parrot and veena on her hands. She have full arts. She is having other names Rajasyamala, Rajamathangi. She is having half moon and peacock feather on her head. '' maanikya veenam upalayantheem mathaalasaam manjula vaakvilaasam ''. ''Mahendra neelathyudhi komalaangeem MATHANGA KANYAM....''

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    Mathangi is one of the Sakthi's form came to earth as Kasyaba Maharishi's daughter and sister of Meenakshi. She teached many arts like veena, gandharva music, tantra, etc. She was married to Lord Siva and gave her children as Elephants to the world.

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    Mathangi Rani is an angel who is always good and always happy

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    Jaya mathanga nayane jaya leela suka priye

    jaya samgeetha rasike jayesmin sannidim kuru

    ................................Mathangi madhasalini

    Mathangam means elephant. Goddess Sarawathi is described as Mathangi. Hindus like to connect Gods and Goddess to animals and natural substances like wind, rain etc. Ganesa is having the head of an elephant. But actually, Gods have no atributes and hence no need to worship them.

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    Goddess Mathangi is a Goddess and i find good answers. please answer my question.;_ylt=Ar...

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