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how to install XP in Dell Core i3 Inspiron N5010 laptop with driver?

Dell inspiron N5010 model

core i3 cpu.

also need driver for XP...pls help me...

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    How to perform a clean install of Windows.

    A clean installation consists of removing all data from your hard disk by reformatting your hard disk and reinstalling the operating system and programs to an empty (clean) hard disk.

    To boot from your CD/DVD, the BIOS settings on your computer must be configured to do this. On start up keep tapping either F1, F2, F10,(Be Aware that some manufacturers use F10 for system recovery!) Esc, or Del, to enter the BIOS set-up. Look for "Drive configuration", "Boot order" or similar and make the CD/DVD drive the first boot device and the hard drive the second. Save settings and exit.

    Insert the CD/DVD into your CD/DVD drive, and then restart your computer.

    When you see the "Press any key to boot from CD" message, press a key to start the computer from the CD/DVD.

    Follow the instructions on the screen to select and format (NTFS) a partition where you want to install Windows.

    Follow the instructions on the screen to complete the Windows Setup.

    Get some Anti-Virus protection and update Windows!

    Dell Support...

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    32bit homestead windows will paintings superb on a sixty 4 bit processor and XP could be ok on your device, even if that is sluggish i'd verify out what techniques are operating in job manager and discover out it is making some time

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    select cd drive as firstboot dvice from boot menu on the start up then put ur xp cd then felow the instraction, and to get driver go to dell website and download them or just serch for them u'll find them every where

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