what is diffrence between janapadas and mahajanapadas?

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    The Janapadas (Sanskrit: जनपद pronounced [jənəpəd̪ə]) were the major realms or kingdoms of Vedic (Iron Age) India which, by the 6th century BC, evolved into the sixteen classical Mahajanapadas.

    Mahajanapadas (Sanskrit: महाजनपद, Mahājanapadas), literally "great realms", (from maha, "great", and janapada "foothold of a tribe", "country") were ancient Indian kingdoms or countries. Ancient Buddhist texts like Anguttara Nikaya [1] make frequent reference to sixteen great kingdoms and republics (Solas Mahajanapadas) which had evolved and flourished in a belt stretching from Gandhara in the northwest to Anga in the eastern part of the Indian subcontinent and included parts of the trans-Vindhyan region,[2] prior to the rise of Buddhism in India.[3]

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