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Hinduism - Kumbabishekam - what is called Kumbabishekam?

suppose a temple to which kumbabishekam performed in 1992. When the next kumbabishekam to be done ? what is the motivation of the kumbabishekam ? please enlighten with details.

Is this as per Agama or any other shashtras ? How ?


The rule is for all shaivat and vaishnavat temples or not ?

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    1) Kumbabhisegam / Samprokshanam:

    Kumbabhisegam has to be performed for every temple once in 12 years according to the agamas (to perform 'Ashtabandana Kumbabishegam' for Moolasthana moorthy which are without/aged and poor ashtabandana marundhu). Samprokshanam is the word used for vaisnavite shrines. Water is springled or sprayed to Moolasthana moorthy and kalasams on the tower in vaisnavite shrines.

    So after 12 years Kumbabhisegam was due in 2004.

    Kumbabishekam recharges the spiritual power of the deity and also the Kumba of the temple tower, which is also surcharged with the same divine power as the deity. This is done to benefit even those who are unable to visit the temple derive the same spiritual merit by just beholding the temple tower.

    2) Kumbabishekam of rich temples:

    There are more than 150 temples with annual income of more than 10 lakhs. Temples like Tiruttani, Palani, Srirangam, Thiruchendur, Madurai Meenakshi, etc will easily collect more than 10 crore each every year. Even in these temples Kumbabhisegam are not performed once in 12 years.

    3) Monetary Constraints:

    What is the fate of about more than 38,000 temples in Tamilnadu for conducting Kumbabishekam once in 12 years? The fact is many temples find it difficult even to do daily poojas. Government alone can not do this job. Only well wishers, followers, beneficiaries and bhaktas may take up this work locally.

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      After How long palani and meenatsi amman temple performed kumbhabhishekam?

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    Kumbhabhishekam is performed every 12 years for rejuvination of divine power installed at the time of initial opening of the temple. It also helps to repair the temple structure both internally and externally.If akumbhabhishekam was performed in 1992 the next one is due in 2004. Before Kumbhabhishekam the power in the stone Idol is transferred by mantras to Panch loha vigrahas of the same deity and kept immersed in turmeric water till repairs of the idol iff any and sanctum are done. On the day of the kumbhabhishekam the power is transferred back to the deity in Moolasthanam and abhishekam etc are performed right from the top of the temple.

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    Kumbabishegam is a cleaning the deity and the temple. Every we are doing Abishegam by poring Milk,Curd,Honey, Fruitjuices and lot of times. So every day the Deity getting all things for 12 years. So may be sum rust or something may be on Deity, So to clean these things Kumbabishegam is performed. You would have heard about MAMANGAM. Means once in 12 years. All the 12 years in circle every year it ws celebrated in 12 Shivalayas in India. Kumbakonam in Tamilnadu celebrating Mamanga and Allahabad is celebrating the same as Kumbamela like this going on.

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    After chanting japa, the water in the kumbha(A special kind of pot) is poured on the diety is called Kumbhabhishekam. In some temples is performed yearly. It is according to the income of the temple.

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    The Kumbabhishekam ritual should be performed once in twelve years as per the rules of the Shastras.

    For more details go to :

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    1). Why must do kumbahbhishekam and is it must ?

    2). If don't do it what will happen to temple............?

    3). Some temple Moolasthana God stature replacing to new why..?

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