Are aboriginal/First Nation chiefs learning the wrong things from white politicians?

Is to prove your self better to get more money? Some chiefs take home more than PM of Canada tax free.


Kanien, did you read the article: First Nation peoples are asking for better accountability. This is a First Nations issue. Thanks for reading it in advance.

Update 2:

'Evans said there are many chiefs earning less than $60,000 a year with no pensions when they retire or are voted out of office.'

'Voted out'? you need a democracy for that. For a democracy to run properly the people need facts. Publish the facts or suffer the consequences. Publishing the facts is 'stupid' for who.

Update 3:

Thanks for the links Nish Kwe

Update 4:

'I believe that you did not intend it, but the assumptions upon which your question is based is pure racism.'

Ya, history sucks.

Update 5:

Is there anyone of the First Nations who would like more accountability from their councilors and chiefs?

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    First of all .. . .It doesn't say some "Chiefs" it says some "Chiefs and Councils"

    It's just so much bullshyt and plain sensationalism.

    The Canadian Taxpayers Federation is a racist organization who have been trying to get rid of the Aboriginal population for years.

    The fact is First Nation funding agreements (based on per cap and INAC formulas) is block funding which is "locked in" for a 5 year period. INAC provides the First Nation with the guidelines and the audit procedures on how that money can be spent.

    Prior to a new 5 year funding agreement, the first Nation must provide their yearly budgets for INAC's approval. Once approved "each year" transfer payments are made "quarterly" and "only" after financial statements have been submitted and approved by INAC. INAC requires every First Nation to submit a yearly audit. (Many, like my First Nation also provide that audit to each band member).

    Furthermore, if INAC deems there are any irregularities in spending INAC can and will place that First Nation in to receivership.

    The allegation that spending is rampant and uncontrolled is ludicrous and just plain bullshyt.

    The Chief's of First Nations with no other revenue will have extremely low salaries (based on INAC funding) The Chief's salary of my First Nation for 2009 is $58,615 + $6,884 (for travel) $0 (other remuneration) for a total of $65,499. The "total" salaries, travel and other remuneration for my First Nation's "Chief" and "10 Councillors" in 2009 was $169,997. With the result of $10,449.80 per Councillor.

    The Chief and Councils of First Nations with "other revenues" (such as gas, oil, taxes, casinos, etc) will have higher salaries based on that First Nation's generated revenues.

    First Nations Funding Agreement for 2008–2009

    The Taxpayers Federation wanting aboriginal leaders to post their salaries online so they are publicly available is the "stupidest" thing I ever heard.

    First Nations have their own money which is " Held In Trust" by Canada. Some First Nations have "Band Moneys" (from royalties) and some First Nations have "Taxation" dollars that Canada "Holds in Trust".

    First Nations don't have to be accountable to the public, to spend their own money.


    Indian Moneys Program

    Indian Moneys means all moneys collected, received or held by Her Majesty for the use and benefit of Indians and/or bands. There are two types of Indian moneys: capital and revenue.


    Band Moneys

    In some cases, Indian and Northern Affairs Canada (INAC) has specific responsibilities for managing moneys that belong to First Nations bands. These moneys are generated through band-owned resources such as oil and gas.


    The First Nations Tax Commission (FNTC)


    The Canadian Taxpayers Federation should do some research instead of whining about First Nations spending.

    They'd be better served if they mandated the municipal bureaucrats to publish their salaries online. Then they'd have something to cry about.



    First Nation peoples are "NOT" asking for better accountability from their First Nations Leadership.

    1. First Nations are totally accountable through the INAC's financial agreements and regulations.

    2. All First Nations members have the right to access all budgets, financial statements and audits of their First Nation. (INAC regulations)

    3. All Band Council "meeting minutes" must be posted in a public place with in a timeframe, following the meeting. (INAC regulations)

    Any First Nation member can also request a photo/digital copy at anytime.

    Any First Nation member would be hard pressed to not know how their money is being spent just by reading those minutes.


    Solange Garson's, statement was taken out of context. (by the Canadian Taxpayers Federation)

    Manitoba Hydro has paid $160 million for impact studies (of the Dam Project on the First Nations) and to inform, consult and seek approval for the project from the First Nations who will be affected.

    Solange Garson, "who is opposed" to the project said the money should have been used to improve the lives of the people in that area. She claims the money was used as bribes by the consultants to get approval from first Nations people attending the meetings. She is pushing for a forensic audit. She said "We want to know where all the money is going,"

    Her statement had nothing to do with First Nation leadershilp.


    You can listen to the videos on the "Canadian Taxpayers Federation" website and make up your own mind.

    In spite of how bias the Federation presents the information, It is clear that she is not calling for accountability from First Nation Leadership across the country.


    Allegations have been made that "consultants" are taking advantage of the process and that some of the funds have been misused.

    I would take any quote the "Canadian Taxpayers Federation" says comes from a First Nations member with a grain of salt.

    I don't believe any of the quotes used in the "news article" as valid.

    As I said, it's just so much bullshyt and sensationalism.



    All First Nation information is "publicly available" to all people who have the right to that information.

    Publishing FN Leadership salaries has NO relevance to anyone else.

    The Canadian Taxpayers Federation allegations that First Nations are sponging off of the "taxpayer" is just the same old "racist rhetoric" that all racist use to slander First Nations.


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    Because of white guilt being used by Marxists in order to devalue the concept of worth in Western civilisation by destroying the national identity of seperate countries, through forced cultural dilutions that render the concept of national identity redundant. This is pure collectivism. A certain amount of cultural diversity is a good thing, and enhances the nation it resides in. Too much, and the original poulations of those countries have reduced rights and no longer exist as an integrated people. Political Correctness is a Communist dogma, and is essentially its last ditch attempt, unfortunately powerful, to wrest democracy from the West. The more people who exist in a society at odds with one another through the ugly spectre of reverse discrimination, the more illusory need is fostered for an authoritarian state in order to curb free speech and institute more censorious bureaucracies and laws. Communism, and it ought to be rejected. Over-immigration has been a socio-economic disaster, and non-white countries wouldn't stand for it, so neither should we.

  • see...once again the invaders are "projecting" their own issues on first nation people. it is THEIR politicians who should be held accountable for the money they spend.that is taxpayer money. the money native peoples spend is our own money and that's none of your business.

    i also hear descendants of europeans talk about native people always being at war with each other and our women being treated like property when neither are true. however both are well documented in the histories of europe. again, you keep trying to say we are all the things you are. we are not like you and we have never wanted to be like you.

    ETA yes we want accountability but we KNOW where the bulk of the money goes and its not to our leaders. how about your government publicly show where all our money goes from the time its gets in their greedy little hands until the tribe actually gets it? THAT'S where the accountability is needed.

    did you think this is all new to first nations people? that this article is somehow the first time we hear about any of this? we are well aware of the issues and the solutions and they are rarely the ones your government throws out there. its so much easier to blame the victims once again then to admit the government is still stealing from native people.

    ETA2...if there are we go to them and ask for it. we do not need OUR business posted on the internet for non natives to twist and use against us. personally, i know where all the money goes that comes to our nation. can you say the same? its what happens to it BEFORE it gets in our hands that i want more transparency on.

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    Maybe, but indians in Canada are a hell of a lot better off than Native Americans. Whether it's money or prestige, even credibility. So many don't care about the past anymore, they've all but written us out of school books. They want to do that with slavery too. It's up to those who remember to keep it going. To answer your question they are seeing the wrong things, but that's how the world runs.

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    I believe that you did not intend it, but the assumptions upon which your question is based is pure racism.


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    It looks like they have been fully assimilated into western politics.

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