Reinstall Windows XP?

I have a Windows XP computer, and it's been acting up for a while. The internet is slow sometimes, and sometimes it doesn't work at all. Sometimes my sound card uninstalls itself and I have no sound, so I have to reinstall the sound. Also, sometimes the desktop doesn't load completely. Only the wallpaper loads, not the taskbar and start menu. I have to go on Task Manager, click New Task, and type explorer.exe to get the taskbar and icons. I have the Windows XP setup CD right in front of me as I type this. Should I reinstall the operating system? I think ifI do that I won't have those problems anymore.

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    If you can back up your files first it would be a good idea, because you will loose all your data. I think you should first try some of the self fixing software out there like "Windows Registry Repair" If that does not work then maybe it would be a good idea to reinstall Windows. But if you have never done it before, I would not reccomend that you do it without someone helping you, who knows how to do it.

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    Reinstalling Is a good idea but remember that you should back up your data first. All data will be lost after reinstallation. Also the process will take quiet some time depending on computer hardware so do this when you have about 1 and half hour in hand.

    Source(s): Used an old computer with xp for3 years. Has to reinstall it a lot of times.
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    I would say that it is a good idea from what you have said, if it is playing up like that.

    For me I normally do a fresh install of Windows after about a couple of years use, this restores the performance like new, and gets rid of programs I don't use, spyware or any other rubbish like that which is on there from using the Internet.

    However you need to make sure you backup the files you need and the programs you need and or make sure you have the installers for the programs you need.

    Also remember you need the Licence Key to activate and a good Internet Connection to get the PC updated with the latest service packs and updates with Windows Update.

    But overall its worth it to get that performance back.

    Good Luck

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    you can use the cd to repair ur pc in stead of doin a clean install..when you insert the cd it will give you options of install a new version of windows or repair old version

    before you do that... try running a cleaner like ccleaner and uninstall all the stuff you dont need vis controll panel

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  • 1 decade ago

    first clean your computer of any unnecessary files. then you can reinstall if it is still bad

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