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What is the concept behind the usage of Shabar mantras when compared to Vedic mantras in Hindu Occultism?

Shabar mantras treat God as a servant and we order him while Vedic Mantras treat God as Master and we request him.Also in Shabar mantras, a lot of profanities are used

So why are such mantras used?

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    It is a practice followed in left-handed Tantra philosophy. It calls upon the grace of certain energies and not God in particular. Powerful energies are invoked and deities are said to be the ones who possess and grant such energies. Energies of these deities are commanded to take seat and obey the tantri. This is only possible if the Tantri has the grace of the presiding deity. Else those energies are said to destroy the Tantri himself.

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    What is the concept behind the usage of Shabar mantras when compared to Vedic mantras in Hindu Occultism?

    Shabar mantras treat God as a servant and we order him while Vedic Mantras treat God as Master and we request him.Also in Shabar mantras, a lot of profanities are used

    So why are such mantras used?

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    Shabar Mantra

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    Shabar Mantras are also called as Vashikaran Mantras. Mainly Tantrik's use them. Shabar mantras are very simple and easy to use. The most powerful feature of Shabar mantras is that they are auto-powered and highly effective in some cases. These mantra's are not used by main stream people but only few people practice it.

    Vedic Mantra's are used mainly for attaining Moksha and Shabar Mantras are used to get material things.


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    As per you shabar mantras may be used on sub level deities like Muni, Kaateri, Madan, & Karuppu. It can not be applied on superiors like Shiva or Vishnu except the "Astakarmars" like vaseekaran, utchadan etc. By this temporary desires may fulfill but for that you are binded to these and have to satisfy them with karma that lead to rebirth. Vedic mantras put you birth-less spot by making you what you chant.

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    Although Lord Krsna is the Supreme Personality of Godhead, out of His causeless mercy He was engaged in the service of His friend. He never fails in His affection for His devotees, and thus He is addressed herein as infallible. As charioteer, He had to carry out the orders of Arjuna, and since He did not hesitate to do so, He is addressed as infallible. Although He had accepted the position of a charioteer for His devotee, His supreme position was not challenged. In all circumstances, He is the Supreme Personality of Godhead, Hrsikesa, the Lord of the total senses. The relationship between the Lord and His servitor is very sweet and transcendental. The servitor is always ready to render service to the Lord, and, similarly, the Lord is always seeking an opportunity to render some service to the devotee. He takes greater pleasure in His pure devotee's assuming the advantageous position of ordering Him than He does in being the giver of orders. Since He is master, everyone is under His orders, and no one is above Him to order Him. But when He finds that a pure devotee is ordering Him, He obtains transcendental pleasure, although He is the infallible master of all circumstances.

    Please chant HARE KRISHNA and be happy.

    hare krishna hare krishna

    krishna krishna hare hare

    hare rama hare rama

    rama rama hare hare

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    We are all god's we have the right to own god's property...

    But we should know what are the properties of god...

    Here is the truth about god and his powers i read from a book...Please read it..

    God is one. He is the Supreme soul, father of all souls in the world.During the Start of Universe there's nothing but the Supreme soul (God) and human souls (ourselves) in Brahma loga(a region in space above the universe).

    Brahma loga is a space in Golden - Reddish color. It consists of a star(Supreme soul) surrounded by collection of stars(Human Souls).These stars are nothing but the Souls. Souls are infinite, they will never get lost. They never die, they cannot be killed through fire or water or anything else. Think, when a man's dress got worn out he will go for the newer one. In a similar way, the soul will take a new body when it's older body get’s decayed or worn out. The soul is very small and it is present in between two eye brows in forehead like a star.Now the drama starts, this drama has four parts (SatYuga, ThrethaYuga, DwabaraYuga, KaliYuga) and its life is 5000 years. Each Yuga is having 1250 years. Each soul will come down to earth from Brahma loga to take part in its role in drama.

    Golden Age-Sat Yuga :( Heaven – RANK 1)

    In SatYuga every soul is pure, they don’t think about the body and its characters. They will always think that, they are soul and look others as soul. They built their houses with gold, and everything is made up of gold there. Every one is always happy. The head of this golden age is Lakshmi and Narayanan.The total population of this age is 9 lakhs, each soul will take 8 births & hence 8 different lakshmi-narayana.Here also there are animals and birds (only animals that are safe to humans will take part here), but they don’t disturb peoples. Here also there is birth and death, but there is no cry. Here there is no lust, anger, greed, attachment and ego. Childrens were born only through transfer of soul power. No body relationship. Every people wore golden ornaments. Every one has power to adjust, tolerate, discriminate, judge, face, Pack-up, Withdraw etc.

    Silver Age -ThrethaYuga :( Heaven – RANK 2)

    It is similar to Golden age, but gold is replaced by Silver. There are 33crore peoples. (9lakhs who lived in Golden Age + 2crore 91lakhs people who came

    From Brammhaloga).There will be 12 births for each people. The head of this age is Raman and seetha.Here also there is no fight, no problem etc...The people who lived in Golden age and Silver age are called Devis and Devas (Angels) .They are not Gods. But now-a-days People are worshipping them. But Peoples don’t know they (Angels) are also living among them after taking rebirth.

    Copper Age-Dwabara Yuga :( Conversion from Heaven to Hell)

    Here comes Christianity, Islam, Buddhism etc. Peoples fight with each other to gain supremacy over others. Here comes lust, Anger,greed, attachment,ego etc, The soul loses its purity.The peoples who lived as Angels in Golden Age and Copper Age also take part in this age. The peoples who are worshippable now becomes 'the people who performs puja'.The life in Golden Age and Copper Age looks like Stem of tree ,where there is only one language and religion. But now the tree grows into many branches (many languages, religions etc) and hence becomes weak (it loses its strength that it will be easily broken).

    Kali Yuga-(Hell) :( Iron Age)

    Here everything is Bad, Worst; there are animals, flies which will disturb others. People will suffer due to sin they have done in previous birth. The souls which were angels also take birth in this Yuga. Ever soul cries foul and calls god to rescue them from this world due to pain. So by the end of Kaliyuga (now), Supreme soul (called as Shiva,Allah etc) comes down to world in a old man's body who was called as Brahma (The founder of Brahma Kumari’s).After the death of Brahma his soul stays in Paristha loga(The white space that joins Universe with Brahmaloga). After Brahma’s death, another dadhi(sister) takes his role and Shiva uses her body as a medium to give this Spiritual knowledge called 'murli' which is the true gita. By attending free classes run by brahmakumaris. we can learn what Allah says today.This is the time to recharge ourself through Meditation (Thinking of Supreme soul and realizing ourselves as a soul).This part of kali Yuga is called as sangama Yuga. The person who meditates well and avoids sin through this Raja Yoga will get Top rankings in heaven and they will be worshipped as god in Copper age and Iron Age. As you have shown interest in this Knowledge, i am sure you will be a Angel. All we have studied in Ramayana, Mahabharata, bible, Quran, Gita have small amount of truths.The same drama continues as a cycle for every 5000 years.You must believe these words.

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