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what is the meaning to '' Caesar's wife must be above suspicion '' ? why this come ? To whom we say this?

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    The associates of public figures must not even be suspected of wrongdoing. (The ancient Roman Julius Caesar is supposed to have said this when asked why he divorced his wife, Pompeia. Because she was suspected of some wrongdoing, he could not associate with her anymore.) Jill: I don't think the mayor is trustworthy; his brother was charged with embezzlement. Jane: But the charges were never proved. Jill: That doesn't matter. Caesar's wife must be above suspicion. When the newspapers reported the rumor that the lieutenant governor had failed to pay his taxes, the governor forced him to resign, saying, "Caesar's wife must be above suspicion."

    This expression referred originally to Caesar's second wife Pompeia. According to rumours circulating in about 62BC, it seems that her name was linked with Publius Clodius, a notorious dissolute man of the time. Caesar did not believe such rumours but he made it clear, when divorcing her, that even Caesar's wife must be above suspicion. The expression like Caesar's wife also comes from this account, to refer to someone who is pure and honest in morals.

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    Caesar's Wife

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    Julius Caesar Wife

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    what is the meaning to '' Caesar's wife must be above suspicion '' ? why this come ? To whom we say this?

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    Setting high standards of probity in public and professional life is a sine qua non for honesty and integrity.No matter whether you are in power or not, your action must inspire confidence, so it is said "Though you may have been innocent , if your action is remotely attributable to suspicion of any wrong doing, you cannot escape".

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    It was believed that Caesar s words were true and his deeds were sincere.Hence one could not doubt him or his family.Above suspicion means without doubt.Hence one should not doubt Caesar s wife unnecessarily.This phrase is generally used to not doubt a specific person.

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    Because she is cesers wife. Like sonia gandhi is of dynasty hence above suspicion

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    The expression has broadened to include absolute discretion and dependable confidentiality of a spouse, friend, colleague, et. al. in carefully protecting and limiting circulation of private and sensitive information.

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