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can matter waves travel faster than speed of light?

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    You have to take note of which aspect of a wave you are referring to, phase velocity or group velocity.

    The phase velocity of mater waves (de Broglie waves) always exceeds c, but the group velocity for the matter wave associated with a particle that travels with velocity v is precisely v. As this group velocity is always equal to the velocity the particle, it can never exceed c.

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    U can prove it using debroglie's wavelength formula. After simplification we get v*u = c^2

    Where v is the matter wave speed, u is the particle velocity, and you know c.

    By the property of Geometric mean. Either v or u must be greater than c. But u is obviously less than c. Hence, matter wave speed is greater than c.

    Mathematics say yes but common sense says no.

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    Not so long ago, it would have been safe to rubbish your question. Not so much so now, however (based on what I read in New Scientist). Hell, invisibility was once considered impossible, but it is coming along ... slowly. But it is true invisibility.

    We know the expansion of space happens faster than light. There is a quantum situation that is deemed to be at C, despite some evidence that it is faster. Nor is the 'speed of gravity' known. Another example escapes me for now. So, I am certainly not going to say yes to your answer but watch to see if a brilliant young physicist answers and educates us all.

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    Spaced-apart phase-shifted waves can produce a moving virtual electrodynamic force that can be faster than the speed of light, mathematically verifiable (f ≥ c/L)

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    No, they travel at the speed of the body of matter undergoing its wave.

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    The speed of light is the highest.

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    CAn you please add details about matter waves.but speed of light is faster than any speed of object

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    nope, when they get close they will start going foreward in time, or the time they experience will slow down

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    Maybe theoretically, but we have no way of knowing how to do it (yet)

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