Dress code for catholic mass?

The other day I overheard someone saying that the way people come to church dress is getting out of hand. I was shocked to hear something like this so I was just curious is there a certain dress code for mass? I have been catholic for years and I have always worn like jean, tennis shoes and a nice shirt. However, I've noticed people dress rather casually for Mass. I've seen shorts, t-shirts, tank tops, flip flops and sandals. I thought you come to church as you are, am I'm wrong in my thinking?

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    I was always taught that the Lord says come as you are.

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    In these modern/liberal times the thought seems to be come as you like to mass,however we should be mindful and respectful of `Whom` we are approaching at the altar.

    This means that our dress sense must also be respectful in that we should not wear immodest clothing that deliberately shows too much flesh,the ideal for men is a suit and for women a dress.

    These being the ideal however does not prevent casual wear which itself should not be an occasion of immorality, some tee-shirts for example carry slogans or designs that are near the knuckle,and some people wear jeans that are designed to show flesh through slits.

    It really is a case of being ever mindful of the majesty of God and dressing appropriately, whenever someone comes to mass without due care to their dress then it shows a lack of consideration to God and to the congregation, and it is not a case of come as you are(God does not mind at all) as some would suggest, common decency dictates that this type of relativism is immature.

    God bless.

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    There is no "dress code" for mass (unless you're at the Vatican or something). However, there can be distracting dress, such as tee shirts with slogans or swimwear, etc. Some people are very uptight and would prefer that everyone come in dresses, suits and ties (out of "respect" for the Lord). In a few places they are even allowed to be in charge. But aside from that, it is up to everyone how "appropriate" their clothing is. If you're dressing for attention, you're probably wrong no matter what you're wearing. If you're coming to worship, you're probably okay. Keep in mind, God knows what everyone looks like naked, and doesn't care.

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    Yeah! too bad! This the age of the sloppy dress.

    In the past we used to dress up for Sunday Mass as a sign of respect, not only for the Lord, but for each other.

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    If you were meeting the president or the queen, would you wear cutoffs, a tank top and flipflops? Is coming into the physical presence of God Himself less deserving of respect?

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    As far as casualness/formality goes, God doesn't care. But I do think it's a good idea for women to dress modestly within reason (i.e., no gaping cleavage or itty bitty skirts). It's like school, it shouldn't matter what you wear as long as you don't offend or distract people from what they came there for.

  • Any churches I went to it was fairly causal. You'd have some people come a little more formally, especially for Christmas and/or Easter or for wedding and funeral masses.

    Jean's and t-shirt should be fine too.

    That said there are a lot of people who seem to go to church to judge others (ironic huh?)

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    I don't think there is a dress code. I usually wear my mankini to church.

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