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Should I hand over the names?

Sorry but if you know me then you'll know that this is extremely tongue in cheek, and have just counted to about a million to control myself on this one.

Just had a call from a byb who has bred her rottie with a dog up the road (literally).

You can imagine what I wanted to say knowing what I would say on here. Certainly no hips / elbows (what's that then ?) was all I got when I asked that question.

She bred because she wanted to see what the puppies would look like. !!!!!!!! (don't go there).

So why has she rung me. Well apparently they were only expecting about five and had GOOD homes waiting for five (yeah right)....

Did I have a list of people waiting for a rescue puppy that I could pass on to her to have the others. She's managed to GET RID of only the five so far.... !!!!

She must of wondered what the silence was while I counted to a million before answering politely. (scream)....

Now do you think I should of handed over potential homes ?????

Legit in case...

What are you doing tonight ?


Cookie -- it is through rescue she found me. It is my telephone number on the rescue website for puppy enquiries.

I did tell her that I am sure rescue could help if she was prepared to hand the pups over. I know all the rottie rescue's in the country and between us could of dealt with the pups. She didn't want that.

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    By helping her sell her litter, you are condoning what she is doing.

    When she is at a point where she will turn them over to rescue, accept the pups and place them.

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    nope, she just wanted potential buyers

    same as any other night

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    Why does such a selfish & ignorant attitude to breeding not surprise me?

    If you have ever dipped into Epupz you will have seen more than a few litters that were the result of unplanned, it was too mentally challenging to supervise or contain the b*th mating, & one such litter of Dobermann puppies that were being sold cheap because the breeder wanted to offload them because she had a holiday booked.

    The b*tch had whelped the litter at twelve-months-old, the sire/dam had not been health tested or judged against the standard to prove their worth to the breed & the entire screening process consisted of “the price is £200 & delivery is extra”.

    By this time I was grinding down my enamel, as I volunteer with breed rescue I was aware that people purchase cheap dogs in haste because they want one & they are available on demand, without considering the purpose of the breed & their ability to cope with the innate characteristics of the breed.

    I purchased one of the pups because it is easier to take on a puppy when its nine-weeks-old, than pick up the pieces later when it had learned bad habits & is a bratty adolescent, in need of remedial training. Yes, he was a genetic gamble, but not all cheap dogs grow into adults with unsound temperaments & have serious health conditions, & as I know my breed, I knew I could handle whatever the dog threw at me.

    This is a roundabout way of saying that if you know someone who could provide one of the puppies with a knowledgeable home, then better that the puppy has a good home now in responsible hands that can cope with the breed, than you possibly have to pick up the pieces after the dog has been dumped later.

    Legit: Taking the dogs out, and then snuggling up under a blanket with a hot drink, as I have flu.

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    So I'd assume this woman would be getting the money from the pups?

    In that case, nope.

    While I believe each dog has a right to a good home, going directly through a BYB is not the way to do it IMO.

    You've got people waiting for a Rotti puppy through *rescue.* Had I been one of these people waiting for a rotti, I'd be extremely pi$$ed off if I was just directed to some crapyard breeder. That's something I could have done on my own, and without the wait.

    However, if this woman was willing to pay a donation fee to the rescue, and essentially give up the rights to the litter I could see that. But even still, this would be more about the puppies coming into rescue and not being "purchased" directly at the source.


    Going to a bar because apparently that's the "cool thing to do" this year, and nobody is just staying home -_-

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    Why not give her a Rottie rescue telephone number and let them handle it?

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    Sooooo your neighbor breed there dog and had puppys, she was only expecting 5 but I take there dog had more, and u had homes for the rest of them and didn't tell her, I think I got it all...... but u should let her know about the homes because over all the animals well being is more inportants then ppls is how I see it just cuz u have a problem with her doesn't mean u can withhold a good home to a animal

  • Tough one Lorraine.

    I understand totally how you feel and your reluctance to help her. If you do hand over names, you are supplying her with an outlet for her BYB puppies, for which she will obviously be selling, BUT you may be helping out people on a waiting list..........

    How about suggesting to her that you can put her in touch with people waiting for a puppy, but that you would require a substantial donation to Rottie Rescue for doing so, say £100 and that any introductions must be in your presence

    Hope this helps.

    LEGIT: Have had one of the most boring holiday seasons ever and have "cabin feaver". Doing nothing again tonight, but at least I am back at work tomorrow! HAPPY NEW YEAR to you and everyone doing their bit for any rescue.

    ETA: Cookie - Lorraine is involved in Rottie Rescue.

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