How To Insert Penis Into Vagina?

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Actually, I'm a 19 year old guy n my gf is 18. Few months back we both tried for doing sex. I tried a lot but unable to insert penis into vagina. I tried a lot but still I remain more
Update : even the vagina was wet
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Well, let us put aside the comments like "Did you put it in the right hole?"

There is one of two answers

1) Her hymen is not yet broken, so this prevent entry
2) She has vaginismis, a condition where her vaginal opening is unusually small and constricted.
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  • iRicky answered 3 years ago
    get her wet,it will go.
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  • Mr.noitall answered 3 years ago
    A few things to consider,
    You might have a very large penis (girth wise)
    She has not had any thing let alone a penis in her before
    Some guys during foreplay use a finger, just one finger. This is hardly the size of a penis(I hope)
    if you are doing this, move up to 2, then 3, this will prepare her more for the main event.
    Good Luck.
    Edit: Try some good lube, not Vaseline, go to the drug store, I have heard that astro glide works well.
    I assume you are use condoms, if so, be sure they are pre lube and use a lube that won't break down the condom, petroleum jelly or Vaseline will do this, so don't use it.
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  • bandit_60 answered 3 years ago
    maybe your not hitting the right hole. or it could be your too big for her vagina. do a lot of foreplay before inserting it.
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  • Grandpa Tom answered 3 years ago
    Don't be messing around down there unless you're ready to become a responsible daddy.

    The question you should be asking but which no one your age does is how long do I want this thing to be a pleasure in my life?

    If you have the guts to become a real man who respects and honors true womanhood you'll set the stage for a lifetime of untold joy and happiness. Anything less sets you up for a life of turmoil and complication in your relationships and you'll be forever hunting for ways to satisfy the urge, not to mention the hit you'll be taking in your pocketbook and emotions the rest of your life.

    Despite popular beliefs of some, there is much to be said for stability in honorable traditional marriage relationships and the special intimacy it provides in all aspects of life. Back off, look at the big picture, set some goals for your life and don't let your urge for immediate gratification set the course.

    Believe me, long term happiness is worth the little bit of sacrifice!
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