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Please tell me about Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba's miracles !!!!!!?

I am a great devotyee of Bhagawan Sr Sathya Sai Baba. Materialisation of Bibhuti takes place in our home on Baba's photo. Even I have not met him. I always serve poors.

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    He is the living God on this Planet.

    Ist I want to ask the fellows who are not believing Him :

    Have you ever experiment Him ?

    Have you ever experienced His Work, about His Teachings ??

    Have you ever gone to Prasanthi Nilayam ???

    IF NOT, HOW YOU CAN SUSPECT SAIBABA as jadugar ? Only heared from some peoples, TV channels...& stand to protest Him ???

    I have experienced Him, His miracle. When my uncle was suffering from severe Blood Cancer, Doctor told that he will live only for 1-2 months. But when we took him to Prasanthi Nilayam & after then we gave him Baba's Divine Bibhuti, he became totally healthy. In Delhi's AIIMS, the doctor said that this is miracle. He is cured now.

    This was 20 years before. And now my uncle is 86 yrs old & still healthy & can ride bicycle with his grand kids.

    If SRI SATHYA SAI BABA is a jadugar, then I would like to ask the non-believers that how can a magician can cure the patients ????????????????????????????????????????????????

    Protests, allegations, Controversies.......etc.....etc.....are very common in the time of God's incarnation. Even KRISHNA, RAMA, JESUS, BUDDHA, MUHAMMED faced these things.


    Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba will again incarnate Himself in 2028 as PREM SAI BABA in Gunaparthy village, Mandya Dist. Karnataka. All non-believers !!!!! note down these, & wait. After this I think you will believe.


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    If you are a devotee of Sathya Saibaba then he is Bhagwan for you and people like you. For others he is a Hand tricker. Why you want certificate from public? Spirituality highly achievers are not at all interested to be popular like the way these so called Babas are behaving. After all acceptance of Bhagawanhood, is a pampering of Ego and involving in worldly acts, from which true spiritual person labors to give up and liberate. Those who can not liberate own self, how can they are expected to liberate devotees like you? So non believers in saibaba never bothers to check whether he is bhagawan or not. Let him enjoy fruits of his own deeds. For you in particular, when you say no offencive answer, does it mean that any answer against your belief and faith is an offensive answer? Kindly do not ask questions in such case.

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    Pl read the famous book - Man of Miracles by Mr murphet. visit for more detail. Miracles are His visiting cards. It is not meant to deceive anybody. No one is cheated by the miracles. Magic by magicians is for their lively hood and earning their bread which is not the case here. Look to His service activities in the fields of education, providing water, hospitals. No Govt has bothered to do that extent though it is their duty to do. People are also not able to question the govt as they do not have any hold on the govt. It is easy to criticize any one.Better to analise before making a remark. Meet His students and talk to the devotees.

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    I only know that Satya Sai Baba is the only one in whole world who is running a FREE of cost Heart Hospital, which is a FIVE Star Hospital.

    Since it's free, the hospital has NO Billing Counter !!

    That too in Bangalore

    Source(s): Congress govt of India, and Italian owned Media is conspiring against all Hindu Spiritual Gurus, which is also one thing I know.
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    In my opinion, PC Sarkar was a better magician than Sathya Sai Baba. Of course you are entitled to your view point.

    I am myself poor, so I can't serve the poor. May be you will like to help me!

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    Once Sai Baba took out an expensive watch from out of his head and gave it to his devotee. A private investigator got its serial number taken down. On further investigations, it was found out abt 100 such watches were sold to his Asram, by a watch dealer.

    Youtube thumbnail

    Thats all I know abt his miracles.

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    9 years ago

    so many indian saints available in india ,sri sathya sai baba is also one in india,he make so many miracles,also he serve poor peoples in india and abroad,he give free education,free medical help and give so many,

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    Serving poor is a good deed. Believing miracles is foolishness. You must see a hindi movie JADUGAR acted by Amitabh Bacchan to dispel your confusion.

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