What are the THREE STATEMENTS posed by the child prodigy Sri Alavandar to Asthana kavi (pandit) in the ..?

Raja sabha ? How did he negate those statements himself when the pandit could not do so?
Update: Respected C Sri Vidya Rajagopalan ji,
We are amazed with your depth of knowledge and the crystal clear answers. I thank our acharayas for having you in our midst.
Update 2: When Yamunacharya won the competition the queen exclaimed and said you came to rule us (Alavandar). He was given a part of the Rajya and he went on to rule for some time before he was brought back to the sampradaya by his acharya Manakal Nambi and the rest is history as they say.
Update 3: Nitai ji,
Thanks for adding dramatic effect to this great incident and bringing up the scene in front of our eyes.
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