UNFEM survey report shows that...?

UNFEM survey report shows that women in New Delhi are not secure. Delhi recorded the highest rate of crime against women at 27.6 while total No. of crime against women is 2409 cases which includes cases of kidnapping and abduction.

This report seems opposite to the claims made my Ms. Sheela Deekshit & Delhi Police. Why ?

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    Delhi is a very big city and sampling would be difficult for any organisation! The police reports would depend on cases ''registered'' that may fall short of actuality. Often people have to move courts to have their complaints received and FIR issued, which is not possible for many lay public! So the element of man made errors compound the natural variations, to project a sub optimal result.

    On the other hand NGOs / voluntary agencies take great care in keeping samples sufficiently large and well spread in society to represent all sections of society! So they are likely to be nearer to objective results (if only they are not aggressive political interests - inclined to blow the situation out of reality)! On that score it would be unfair to blame the police also, since they work under obvious interferences of power centres and interest groups, even properly registered cases! Their own bosses would also dissuade registering all cases and boosting pendancies!

    While the rise of violence against women does rise due to the changing life patterns like night duties for both sexes, increasing night clubs where people drink beyond limits and desensitise their finer instincts lending to deviant behaviour, calculated acts of rich idle youth on prowl for potential victims, etc! The visual media in particular - including p*rn stuff on TV / websites - have also corrupted the values of the youth an adults! Did not the blame on His excellency the then Governor Tiwari shock us?

    So it is all in the game. We are fumigating the towns to kill mosquitoes while all the time engaged in accumulating more garbage, to nullify the control efforts! Even so we create the wrong ambiance in society by our weak choices of entertainment and pleasure and then think of controlling the crimes related to such weaknesses!

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    The report may be true. Are you claiming that Hindu women are poor Administrators, like Maya, Mamta, Jaya, Sushsma etc.?

    India Inc.

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    UNFEM has been influenced by the RSS.

    Source(s): Digvijay style.
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