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Hinduism...Why do devotees not finish a circle around the temple in Shiva temples?

I've seen devotees finish a complete circle of the sanctum in all the temples. But in Shiva temples devotees don't finish the circle. Instead they go half way and return to the other end. Why is it so? pls explain.


@ Always Good. Even on normal days, I've seen it in many temples in Tamil Nadu and Kerala.

@ ssrvj. No i'm from Bangalore, but i've been to many temples in Kerala and Tamil Nadu. Thanks for pointing that fact.

Update 2:

@ Daya. The difference is that devotees dont go to temples for 2 rupees, like you who talk all sort of rubbish for 2 points.

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    1) As pointed out by previous contributor, 'ssrvj', this way of worship exist only in Kerala Shiva temples and erstwhile Travancore region, but now in Tamilnadu. (Also adding for information, there are quite few number of Shivatemples in these region, where devotees perform full Pradhakshanam in clock wise direction - Sreekanteswarar temple in Trivandrum and Shiva temples in and around East Fort, Trivandrum and Suchindram, Nagercoil, Tamilnadu).

    2) I am not competent enough to explain the reasons for this; however what I have learned is:

    "There is believe by devotees not to cross the Abhisheka Theertham flowing from Shiva shrine. So in general they adopt the route - Pray Nandhikeswarar, Shiva; then proceed in anticlockwise direction upto this point of abhisekha theertham flowing, then turn back and perform the rotation in clockwise ending to this point of abhisheka theertham flowing zone."

    So this way devotees do complete one full Pradhakshanam.

    [Almost all temples of these region have inside and outside prakarams (circular parths around the shrine). As well in the inside prakaram, there likely to have an exit behind Shiva shirne. Hence on completing the pradhakshanam described above, devotees may take the exit behind the Shiva shrine and perform the full pradhakshanam in clockwise in the outer prakaram].

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    Shiva Temples In Kerala

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    sri.Always Good sir,

    I have seen your question and the Best Answer by Free Bee and the answers of sri,C.Sri Vidhya Rajagopalan and other learned scholars like sr.Radhakrishna Garu.

    What Maddy max say is correct.--He is from Kerala---in Kerala and Southern Districts of Tamil Nadu--Kanyakumari Dist--Tirunelveli Dist--Tutthukoodi Dist--may be Ramanatahapuram and Madurai dists--even on NORMAL days--Not Pradhosham days--in SIVA temples Pradhakshinam is done only in Two Semi-circle fashion.In Tiruelveli Town Nellaiappar temple Pradhakshinam on ordinary days is done in two semi-circles only. I hope learned Nambhdris or Pothis may be able to explain this question.and many other questions maddy max has asked..

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    Yes your are correct.There is story behind this,which is : When Alakala visam(Poison) came from

    the sea(palkadal) at the time of grinding with merumalai (mountain)with the help of athisasen(Snake

    ,the bed of Vishnu) devargal could not tolerate its odour and hence they run around Lord Siva.when they circle the siva some poisonous air is behind them and when they reached the Gomiki

    ( place where abishega milk/water is coming out) poisonous air is started coming in opposite side also. then they come back .like vise they circled half way through twice. meanwhile Siva has eated the poison and danced on the head of Nandhi devan. then they completed the circle.

    this day is celebrated as pradhosam . To mark or remember this happenings people are doing that

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    How many circle's do they have to go around the temple beginning with anti-clockwise.?

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    The devotees finish a circle in Shiva Temple also like all other temples except on the Prodosham day.

    why the unfinished circle on pradosham day ? please go through this question.;_ylt=Aj...

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    The devotees has no belief on God like me. so, they unfinish the circle.

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    its called PARAMPARA

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