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can hepatomegaly cause death?

My younger brother smoked marijuana, now he feels the right side of his rib cage is bloated. I googled the human body organs and i noticed the liver is on the right side. I then googled enlarged liver and it came up as hepatomegaly. Can this cause death?


Could it be anything other than Hepatomegaly?

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    How old is he? It's more than likely not hepatomegaly or cirrhosis which would be even more likely than hepatomegaly. It is probably a gas pain or on occasion you can get a pulled diaphragm (the muscle that makes u breath). If it doesn't get better in a day or two then seek medical attention but highly highly unlikely it's liver related unless he's an alcoholic or hep c patient.

    Source(s): 4th year med student
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    Your brother needs to have blood testing done.

    This will tell the doctor if there is liver cell damage,

    how well the cells of the liver are able to function,

    or if he has contacted a virus that can harm his liver cells.

    Simple blood testing can give you a great idea

    what may be happening.

    Liver cell damaged can occur because of:

    alcohol consumption, medication toxification,

    chemical exposure, mushroom poisoning,

    biliary obstruction/malformation/infection,

    viral infection, parasite infection,

    hereditary conditions, metabolic disorders,

    auto immune disease, fatty liver disease,


    and many others.

    This is what takes place in any of these conditions:

    the liver cells become damaged...the immune system

    of the body will respond to this damage and cause

    inflammation to develop inside the liver...the liver

    is surrounded by a tight membrane capsule and the

    inflammation inside the liver causes pressure....

    this will lead to the liver enlarging in size


    If the cause can be found early on that is causing the

    liver to enlarge in size and if it is stopped and treatment

    to reduce the inflammation takes place...then the liver

    cells may heal and the problem could be reversed.

    However, without treatment and without stopping the

    cause...then it may cause the liver cells to start to

    die off and form scar tissue inside the then

    becomes an irreversible, progressive disease of

    Cirrhosis of the liver. The only cure is a liver

    transplant which costs in the range of $300,000

    and up.

    Blood testing is best to be done. If there is an

    idea that the liver is enlarged, then ultrasound and

    Ct scan may be done to confirm this. Liver biopsy

    is the last test usually done ( sometimes they

    do this early on) since it is an invasive testing.

    Without the testing being done or the examination

    to try to feel the lower part of the is not possible

    to say. However, some people do develop

    Mononucleosis which can also enlarge the liver.

    This is known as the Kissing disease and involves

    having enlarged lymph nodes. This can also be

    determined by blood testing. If they have pain in this

    area where the liver is may be gallstones.

    I hope this information has been of help to you.

    Best wishes

    Source(s): caregiver to a liver transplant patient
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    4 years ago

    Hepatomegaly Causes

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  • 9 years ago

    I would seek help from a doctor

    but warning signs of liver problems can be yellowing of skin called jaundice

    it is also important to check liver levels in blood.

    The liver is a terrible organ to fail

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    Hepatomegaly(enlarged liver)can be due to infective,neoplastic,cirrhotic,metabolic or congenital causes or due to alcoholism,poisoning or some drugs.

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