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Parents - I had to stay for after school detention tonight, help!?

heya, well im in year 10 at secondary school in the UK and tonight i was in detention for 2 hours after school, (3.00 TIL 5.00), I got the after school for not completing homework on time......which means its getting dark when i left school... . In detention i had sit at a desk in a classroom in full uniform (shirt/tie) and write lines (which ache your hands from holding my pen!) and also do an essay, usual boring left handed also so when i write i always get ink on my hands (ink smudging), tonight my writing hand (left) is covered in blue ink from detention!! ahh! parents gave me hell when i got home tonight from detention. They had a right go, and sent me to my room. I told them that detention is enough punishment and 2 hours sat writing lines made me think that i dont want to be in trouble again!! I do realise what i have done and sat in a classroom after school writing made me think about it and not to make the same mistake !

my parents were contacted by phone by my head of year last week and given 24hrs notice about my detention and i should be picked up after i finish!

my parents have just said im now grounded for a week for getting the detention tonight...they were not happy about having to pick me up from school at 5.30 from detention!

PARENTS - what are your views on after school detention, would you still punish your son/daughter when they got home? Was it fair for me to have to sit and write lines and write an essay for 2 hrs? and any ideas on how to stop your hands aching when writing lots??

Xx Kayleigh Xx

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    I don't agree with after school detention at all. It brings an inconvenience onto the parents of children who don't drive. Where do you get off keeping my child for an extra two hours? What if I can't pick them up? I don't care what they did, I don't want them sitting there Or worse, the saturdays that are FOUR HOURS!

    Example: Katie cursed in class, the teacher overheard her and gave her detention. School ends at 2:15pm. She has to stay till 4:15pm for detention. She is going to miss her bus to stay for it, which means she cannot be there to pick up her sister Lisa from the school bus who is 7. Lisa gets out at 3:30pm. Her mother calls and explains this to the school, but they tell her she will get suspended if she misses this detention. Her mother cannot find someone to pick up Lisa and works an hour away. Not wanting to leave Katie there until 7pm, she leaves work.

    If it's so bad they need to sit there for two hours give them lines during lunch for two days. "you have ten minutes to eat your sandwich then do lines."

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    grounding for a week is a bit heavy, but i wouldn't be happy either if my kids got detention for the same reason you got it. What i would say though is the reason your parents are doing this is because they know what a difficult life you are going to have when you leave school, education is the single most important factor in having a good job and being able to financially manage life in general,without it you are knackered. The pen is mightier than the sword, always has been always will be. Sorry for your long grounding but i also sort of agree with it.Try and see why they are doing it.

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    Yes, I would punish them when they got home, Detention was the punishment for what you chose to do . Don't act like some kind of victim.

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    I'm pretty sure you already asked this yesterday. ;]

    I probably would punish my child when they got home. But it depends on why they got detention. If it was something serious, they can damn right expect to be punished at home for their stupidity. xD

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    you obtain in problem in college for no longer delivering an project. you obtain in problem at residing house for paying for in problem in college and snatching time far out of your moms and dads. each and every benefits its punishment. EDIT: hi to my fellow left-hander. i comprehend in basic terms what you advise about the ink. One reason I hate pens. Now i'm an accountant so I certainly have pencil markings on my hand from operating all day. :P

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    it depends what u did and no you should have not got into trouble for doing nothing really.

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