how hot a fuel rod in the nuclear reactor can get?

Like in the Japan's nuclear reactors... what is the maximum temperature the fuel rods can get when they are out of water...???

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    Clad surface temperature Tc controlled by coolant velocity is taken between certain operation temperatures (Tc=200, 300, 400, 500 and 600°C). The best Cumulative Fissile Fuel Enrichment (CFFE) grade of the nuclear fuel calculated as the sum of the isotopic ratios of all fissile materials (233U, 235U, 239Pu, and 241Pu) is obtained in Flibe (Li2BeF4) coolant blankets, followed by Gas (He, CO2), whereas natural lithium (Li) coolant shows a poor rejuvenation performance in all fuels. CFFE reaches the maximum value (CFFE=10.6200%) in blanket cooled with Li2BeF4 coolant, followed by gas coolant with 9.0319% and natural lithium coolant with 7.9863% without reaching the melting point (Tmax=Tm>2830°C) of the fuel materials. At this point, the maximum temperature in centerline of the fuel rod (Tm) reach to 2727.57°C in blanket cooled with Li2BeF4 coolant. However, in the blanket fueled with pure UO2 fuel and cooled with Flibe, CFFE and Centerline Temperature of the fuel rods (Tm) are reached to 9.7277% and 2811.13°C respectively at the end of 39 months. In the blanket fueled with pure UO2 and cooled with gas, CFFE and Centerline Temperature of the fuel rods (Tm) are reached to 7.8115% and 2814.57°C at the end of 38 months and 7.2777% and 2724.34°C at the end of the 43 months in the blanket cooled with natural Li. In the blanket fueled with pure ThO2, CF

    Source(s): So... the melting point (maximum temperature ) is 2830 Degrees Celcius... that is when a 'nuclear meltdown' occurs.
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    It has been reported that the fuel rods in Japan will melt down at 4600°C.

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    Here is a good article explaining the situation:

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