Is it true that Sita went with Ravana willingly?

In Aaraya kandam, Sarkam 49, page 151,
Sri C.R. Srinivasa Iyengar translates that
Ravana lifts Sita by his right hand by touching her thighs.
It shows Sita's willingness
The point is that Ravana's head will burst and his body will be burnt
if he touches a unwilling woman
It was a curse on Ravana
Update: @ Jaya madam, pl be cool
Pl. read Ramayana and answer as you are my mother
Update 2: @banzi, sorry it is not my view
it is translation from original

I shall give more in next question
Update 3: Bansi, I do not degrade any woman & Sita
Update 4: @ Vidya Rajagopalan- Thanks for clearing the doubt and explanation on Ravana's self-ruin
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