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What do you think of the UK - KC.?


They are going to pilot a scheme whereby people can register a dog based on several factors....


Mauveme "So, they must really need the revenue garnered by the fees"..... yep, that's about the general consensus so far I think.

Update 2:

Well I think the KC will be getting quite a few strong emails over the next couple of weeks.

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    Lorraine I was aware of it already as a Dal with pointer in its ancestry was allowed in the breed ring in Crufts 2011 because it carries a gene that protects against a life threatening illness.


    Will adding the desired gene from a pointer negate a health condition the Dal in prone to?

    If it does is it ethical to dilute the breed with another purebred?

    How long would it take of breeding Dal to Dal before the breed was considered pure again?

    I understand the reasoning behind the decision to import the Dal & add it to the breeding program, but a purebred is just that, & anything other than that is a mixed ancestry dog, & should not be registered with the Kennel Club.

    Research into serious health conditions? Yes, but dilute, no. In my breed of choice, the Dobermann DCM is a genetic silent killer in the breed & now after years of research there is a DNA test which can identify the one of the mutations responsible for causing it, & good kennels are already having their dogs of their breeding tested.

    However, I would not have supported adding a different breed into the mix to possibly get to the point earlier, because the result wouldn't have been a Dobe, but a mix.

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    I think this is a great thing. Breeding pools have gotten smaller, and if you have the ability to prove purity with DNA, as well as if the dog shows all of the qualities demanded in the standard, plus requiring the animal to have a better health check then is required for dogs already in the registry, what is there to lose? I don't understand when everyone become so strung up on purity. Medical health should be the main concern.

    The notion that you can fix major genetic problems by simply breeding only the healthy one's without adding new blood is foolish. Eventually something else will pop up as genetic codes which used to be very rare, suddenly become more common due to interbreeding. By following these practices, people are also saying there is some pure line with no genetic problems at all, but unfortunately genetics don't work that way (let alone when things like resiliency get involved). Its funny to me that people talk about purity yet some breeds despite being "pure" look like a pale comparison of what they used to.

    I also find the post about the Dobermans to be upsetting. You rather risk the health of a dog for purity instead of introducing some other breed to the stock that can better it, especially since if you really want to get technical Dobermans are really just a hogs-mosh of breeds that are still in existence? Breeds are nothing but various phenotypes of a dog, a human concept. If it looks like the breed, acts like the breed, and produces puppies that do all of that, purity really doesn't matter. So what if you get a pup every now and again that doesn't fit a ridiculously rigid standard? That happens already in what you would consider pure dog anyway, except this time, your also reducing the chances of a sick animal......

    I always thought responsible breeding is about bettering the breed. The comments from some of these elitists, if you will, don't speak of that. Instead they sound like the type of thing you hear from a hobbyist of inanimate objects.

    Source(s): College background in genetics. As well as spending years researching to become an ethical dog breeder.
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    I can understand the reasoning because of the quarantine restrictions on the UK but that being said they are still the of same genetic pool that already exists in the UK, just not registered...Therefore that makes no sense to me.

    So, they must really need the revenue garnered by the fees.

  • Wow so my Z16 genration of Sheparanians will be legitimately registered.

    Oh happy day.

    ADD:That on top of the article on yahoo finance courtesty of the Wall Street Journal this morning does make me want to barf.

    For those that did not see it.......


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    It sounds a lot like that fake organization ( I forget their name ) in the USA that will hand out certifications to anyone with a mutt and enough money to pay for their 'paper'.

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    I'm not in the UK, but I think it's disgusting AND "It's all about the money, honey."

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    "...enhance genetic diversity by widening breed gene pools and allowing new bloodlines to be introduced within breeds"


    ...and we need that because....

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