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My wife is cheating on me and I want to find evidence of it?

only problem is that she doesn't access her email at home anymore. She only checks her email account at work and I'm wondering why. I have reasons to think she is cheating and they are good reasons. She comes home late almost everynight and always has an excuse to it. I want evidence, I want to catch her in the act. Problem is that I know she has stuff in her email and I can't access it because as I stated, she only checks it at work. Is there a program I can download that will tell me someone's password without me having to send a virus to their computer? She works for a large company and I'm not about to be charged with anything like hacking into a major company's system because my wife is cheating. Will someone please help me out here?


I am not able to afford a PI right now. I'm having a little money problem and trying to save up money because I'm going to leave her but I need to save up some money to pay a divorce attorney their fees to take my case and all that crap that comes with divorce.

Update 2:

I want to get her password. I don't know how to do it and that is why I'm asking you guys for help. I already sat down with her and asked her straight out and all she said is that she isn't and I'm hurting her feelings and all that sh!t. I know she is, but like I told you, I don't want to look like a dick. I can't hire a PI, don't these people read? Our sex life is fine, but I read that a lot of people cheating don't change their sex life habits because they don't want to get caught.

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    Ok heres a thought.. tell her u'd like her to open her email from home for u to see that theres nothing to worry about... if you ask her with out accusing her and making her go in defense mode she shouldnt have a problem with opening it to prove to u theres nothing to worry about..

    But i think your being a control freak and i think that u will end up pushing her away from u anyways.. u have no proof, the only gripe u really have is that she doesnt "check in" with u on every aspect of her life..and the one area u dont have control is the one area your freaking out about. if she is having an affair, let me tell u it wouldnt be only in email.. i think its funny u have no proof but already your saying ur gonna leave her.. sounds more like ur looking for an excuse rather then the fact that she's causing anything.. u have no clue if she's actually breaching the marriage but already your saying "i'm going to leave her but i need to save up some money to pay a divorce attorney" if thats how u really feel why dont u just go , u dont have to prove she's cheating if u already want out.. hell if ur that willing to leave, no wonder she'd "POSSIBLY" be looking else where, first she needs a husband that trusts her, 2nd she needs a "REAL" man not a little boy trapped in a mans body that isnt going to have a temper tantrum when they dont get their way (i dont have access to her email.. so she MUST be having an affair lol) Insane, someday you'll grow up and start actting like a "partner" not a "dictator"

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    If the women is working late and she no longer checks her emails at home I don't really think that should be grounds for thinking she is having an affair. If that is the only reason you have you are going to end up looking like a dick. Maybe she has been working late to help out with the money problem you are having at the moment.

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    There are other ways to find out if your wife's cheating on you other then hacking into her email account. Now I don't know where you are but where Im from you can be charged for that so think twice before doing it.

    When a womans cheating theres more to it then late nites and checking emails somewhere else.

    Has she changed? Has your sex life changed? ( just ask your self this ). Does she change her appearence? Buy any new lingerie, But not for you? Maybe you should find out what time she gets off work and then follow her? Try asking her friends or maybe her. If you know her email add google it and see if she's on any lame dating sites. Try asking her. Just tell her your uncomfortable with her coming home late everynite and you feel that shes giving you excuses. Plus womans smell change. when she comes home late give her a hug. If she smells like a dude ..well then she smells like a dude ( get what Im saying ) and if she smells like soap but one thats not in your bathroom she had a shower before coming home.

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    First off notice how all the women get all defensive and even try to justify the cheating.... typical if a women was asking this same question I doubt they would have the same answer...anyways... I'm not trying to plug any particular software but Webwatcher makes software that you can hack into her phone and she will NEVER know. I used their stuff for my computer and it worked great I would assume their phone programs work equally well. It's like $100 and I bet she is not just emailing there is a pretty good chance she is texting or calling too!

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    I think it's unlikely that a woman will cheat on her hubby unless there's something making her deeply unhappy/dissatisfied in the marriage. You probably won't find any evidence, because we women are excellent at covering our tracks. Just ask her if she's having an affair / in love with someone else. Ask her until she gets sick of it. If she has any shred of remorse (and if she loves you she probably has tons of it) she will eventually confess.

    An affair doesn't have to be the end of a marriage. It doesn't mean she doesn't love you. There could just be long-standing issues that you could resolve together through open conversation and commitment. If you really want to leave her, it should be because you genuinely don't want to be married to her anymore. Until you know for sure that she's cheating, and you've listened to and thought through the causes, try not to make any quick decisions.

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    If she is really cheating, the email is not the only place to find evidence. Look out for changes in behavior (temper, how she treats you, etc...). You can also check phone and credit card bills for entries that are out of the ordinary. Look also in the car, you might find something left behind there too.

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    Questions contribute nothing to a conversation and tell her nothing about you. Too many questions makes it feel like a job interview. Learn here

    Never ask two questions in a row. Statements can often replace questions. Instead of asking where’s she’s from, tell her where you’re from and she may respond in kind. Or guess where she’s from. It doesn’t matter if you are right; either way it’s more interesting than yet another factual question.

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    mate, if you really feel that she is cheating on you, sit her down and talk to her. That or try and hack her password. Either way, if you are wrong. You WILL look like a dick. So BE WARNED !

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    you could always follow her from work or if you have the funds hire a private investigator. also you can access her emails from your home computer, alot of browsers these days save the passwords for you.

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