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Has God lost the war with Satan, that's why he hasn't shown up since OT times?

And has taken rebirth in a deep hell for his massive negative Karma?

And that's why this prayer is answered so effectively:

I pray for heartbreak, loss of belongings, mayhem, being at the wrong place at the wrong time, sexual molestation, rape, murder, loss of a loved one, drug dealers, addiction to narcotics, expensive insurance, expensive rent, your dog getting ran over, tornadoes and tsunami-**** storms obliterating everything, and drunk drivers.

Everyone of my prayers gets answered.

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    It's not over.......God has not lost......

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    what a sad commentary on the intelligence of the people on this site. any truly Intelligent person that questions GODS existence has not kept up to date on new scientific experiments. in tests on DNA scientists have found that every cell in our bodies has a tiny "machine" that tells that cell what its job is. however that cell can not function until it is programed. a DNA tape has to program it in order for it to start to work. HOWEVER scientists now tell us that the DNA tape could not have evolved over time ---it had to be created instantly by an intelligent being !!! knowing what they now know they tell us that the chance of Darwin's ridiculous theory having happened are 1 chance in 12,000,000,000 that it could have happened. professor stephen wylie says that in light of this new evidence Darwin's theory will disappear from school text books as this knowledge becomes more wide spread. there have been over 500 bible prophecies fulfilled just as they were prophesied. they are still being fulfilled but rest assured GOD will win and cast satan into hell where the antichrist and false prophet will be. REST ASSURED THERE IS A GOD----AND ACCORDING TO REVELATION HE DEFINITELY WINS. who is puny man, with his limited human brain, to question a GOD that he can't really even comprehend ????????????????????????????????????

    Source(s): upto date scientific data----bible
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    You are blaming God for the mishaps of man, the sins that have corrupted the world and brought catastrophe and hurt. Satan is responsible for tempting us to sin and he knows his time is running out so hes doing some mass deception to the world right now. God will destroy all evil, and that day is not that far off. You want to be on Gods team, because Satan and his captives will suffer endlessly due to their hatred and denial to the one true God, Yahweh.

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    No, Our God is attacking Satan, His attacks are natural in the form of tornado, tsunami, eruption of volcanoes, flood, earthquakes and storms. These are weapons of God for destroying the satanic regimes. Christians gods are so weak and gods got defeated and killed by the Satan.

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    9 years ago

    "you are a sad, strange little man" -his holiness, Buzz Lightyear

    the fact that you seem so angry at a mythical creature confuses me, the fact that you pray to another mythical creature also confuses me, and your prayer just straight up disturbes me. just sayin.

    btw, your prayer hasn't been fully answered yet...i have yet to see a **** storm. But the thought of everything being obliterated by literal **** makes me laugh. is that wrong?

    Source(s): The Story of Toys chapter 3 scene 2
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    "Has God lost the war with Satan, that's why he hasn't shown up since OT times"

    Ever read the New Testament?

    Source(s): herp
  • I can see that everything is going according to Gods plan and that you have prayed. For that, we must be grateful that God has answered your prayers.

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    Jesus will show up:

    Rev 20:15-21

    1 & 2 Thes

    Daniel 12

    Matt 24-25


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    The God of the Bible is actually an evil entity. He can't lose a war against himself.

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    The war is already over and God has already defeated satan

    read a bible....

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    You can go through the wide gate, but I'm making sure I go through the narrow gate... it has a better view of eternity.

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