Will Long term injection of Penidure L A 12 have any side or adverse effect on Sperm Morphology?

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I am taking Penidure L A 12 Injection for 30 years now since I was diagnosed of haveing Rh Fever at early stages at the age of 5 years and doctors have been advising me to continue ...show more
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  • UTTAM answered 3 years ago
The injection you have mentioned is actually a chemical variant of the potent antibiotic and anti-bacterial drug Penicillin. The manufacturer - 'Wyeth' - very cleverly avoids discussing this topic in their official website. But, as we all know - long term use of any potent antibiotic or anti-bacterial drug effects sperm count and sperm motility, thus reducing fertility. This is an established fact. Your doctor will most probably deny this, as most of them are evil enough to deny such things. Or, they are just ignorant in some cases, due to lack of homework. Anyway, it is your compulsion to take Penicillin due to your Rheumatic fever. I am sorry, but I don't think - there is much you can do about it. You may give herbal anti-fever products a try.*
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