From where can i download dragon ball z budokai 3 for pcsx2?

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hi its me! please any one can tell me from where can i download dbz budokai 3 for pcsx2 and please tell me will my computer is enough to play this game on pcsx2 at full speed! more
Best AnswerAsker's Choice gives youaccess to prety much every game rom in existance ..... emulators too.

as for will it run on your system .......... not well, like they said u need a video card, and a higher-end card at that, and the rest of you system specs i think barly meet minimum requirments. goto the pcsx webite. it them listed there. ive got intell i-5 quad core @ 3.2 ghz per core, 8 gb ram and a g-force gtx 460 and theres alot of games that dont play full speed for me ..... not only that u gota remeber its an emulator .......... and untill recently ps2 was next to impossible to emulate, so even with the worlds best gaming computer, your probly still not gona be able to play alot of games at 100% speed

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all answers are helpful but i think this is most helpful :)
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  • Dragonlord answered 3 years ago

    Looks under the Games / PSx2 Section
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  • Shashank answered 3 years ago
    You can download it from and then use bittorrent to open the file and download game iso

    You will need a graphics card and the settings for pcsx2 are complicated

    for settings TRY YOUTUBE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Your pc{if graphics card added} will play budokai tenchaichi 3 fine
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  • Chris answered 3 years ago < download

    And I think u can run it but not at full speed. Ur CPU is great, RAM is good but the video card, im not very sure.
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