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Can Man survive on a Pure Non-vegetarian diet?!?

Some people just love their meat and eat it for days together...like they have to have it in all meals.

But for some two such meals (or maybe three) in a row are more than enough...before calling it quits!!! The only option would be to go on a fast...if vegetarian food is not available (hypothetically speaking!).

My question is...Is their digestive system more efficient? And also, Is it healthy to eat so much meat?

Another one: Why did Man evolve into meat-eater when fruits/roots/leaves were available aplenty???

Note: For the skeptical: I'm NOT making a case for Vegetarianism here...for, I'm myself a Chickenarian! Just marvelling!

Thanks for satisfying my curious urges :)


Posting it here because people in "Diet & Fitness" are on Lunch Break, it seems :)

Update 2:

Dear (((Yesu))), don't be in a hurry, lol. True, I've served them all in one plate...but they are bite-size pieces only! Chew them slowly :))

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@Cora: You woke up just in time to correct yourself :) Hope you're doing well with your essay!

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    'Can Man survive on a Pure Non-vegetarian diet?!?'

    Yes, the Inuit of the northern regions eat primarily meat of fish, seal and whale. Spring and summer is a month or two in duration. Greens are the delicacy there.


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    Excess meat eating has some pretty lousy results. Infertility enemia, severe acne and low sex drive can all occur when people consume more than 35% of their diet as meat. If you stick to the marrow and skip the meat you could maybe up it to 40% of your diet.

    Also one could live on supplements but most of those are plant based ad well. As unhealthy a diet as I think vegetarianism is (I was a vegetarian for 32 years but o gave it up for a healthier diet) meat eating exclusively might be the worst diet imaginable.

    Everything in my comments above is under the assumption that by meat eating you do not mean fish. I have no idea why injure can eat fish all day and be healthy but East Africans suffered terribly from having a primarily meat oriented diet for milennia according to paleontologists studying diet.

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    Yes, we can survive on being vegetarians. We digest plants fairly fast, while meat takes us I believe days to digest. Also our teeth structure is different from other "real" omnivores like the bear.

    Anthropology shows that humans were indeed vegetarians in the past. I think we began eating meat during the ice age when vegetation was scarce.

    edit: whoa, i misread your question completely. Sorry, I'm half asleep and I didn't have any coffee while doing my essay. Yes, I think we can survive on meat alone. We would have protein and vitamin B-12, but we would be terribly unhealthy from it.

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    My sister in law goes on the Atkins diet quite frequently. Sheds the excess poundage, until she just has to have some bread.

    But that much meat, with no fiber to push it through, seems awfully hard on the bowels to me. And I'm told the liver has to work harder too.

    As for me, I couldn't do it. I'm an omnivore, I'll try most anything under my nose. And back during the ice age, I don't think all the fruits and vegetables, and roots and nuts, were as plentiful as they are now. So if you could hunt it, or gather it, you ate it.

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    it is usually considered more healthy to have a variety of foods in your diet. now saying that it is also suggested that people who eat the same things over and over, their bodies learn to better digest those foods.

    humans probably evolved to eat meat for the same reason that all meat eaters do, it is a more efficient way of gaining energy for the time spent getting it than vegetables that for the most part we are not able to digest. we have bacteria in our stomachs that help us digest our food but most of them are unable to fully digest vegetable matter because they have hard cellular walls.

    i would not think though that a meat only diet would be healthy though just as i do not agree with a fully vegan one. vegetarians for the most part still eat animal proteins they just do so through eggs, dairy, and some eat fish.

    but remember we are omnivores, that means we eat meat as well as fruits and vegetables. so eat all of them in moderation with a good mix to make sure you are getting all the nutrients that you need.

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    can't really live off nothing but caged animals (be it beef pork or chicken) that are pumped full of growth hormones and expect to remain healthy.

    Even the health benefits of protein become a problem. Some load up on excessive animal sources of protein thinking it is nothing but beneficial as it is lean meat. Does not really matter if the meat is fat free as the body does not store excess protein, in the short term, protein is converted into glucose in the liver or directly combines with oxygen to provide heat and energy. Any protein that is not used in this way is converted to fat and stored.

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    dog survive vegetarian diet

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    Your question's too long my friend. Break it into several posts. I'm a vegetarian and I've known pure carnivores who survived to their 90s eating, well, meat and rice (I think the rice saved them!).

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    A person could survive on just meat but they would be lacking important nutrients found in fruits, vegetables and grains.

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    baby only lives on milk

    Eskimo lives on snow year round & the Mongolian in the grassland - they both live on meat.

    we have different genetic setups.

    generally people can get trouble drinking warm blood just comes out of an animal. but some tribes just drink it up - and they drink animal blood as water too.

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