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bubula asked in PetsDogs · 10 years ago

Have you housebroken a Golden Retriever puppy?

Experienced retriever owner, but this is our first puppy. She's almost 9 weeks, just over 10 pounds. At about what age/size can I expect her to make it through the night and not need a 3 a.m. outing to pee? I'm sleep-deprived. No housebreaking problems other than that. Thanks for any guidance you can offer.

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    Rule of thumb for large breed pups is month+1=hours she can hold it. So, a 2 month pup should be taken out about every 3 hours. Assuming you sleep 7-8 hours, your pup will be able to hold it through the night at about 6 months.

  • 10 years ago

    My puppy is now 8 months old, and was housetrained within about a week. A puppy cant really be considered totally housetrained until it is about a year old because they just arent capable of holding it for long periods when they are younger. I had almost no accidents in the house. Each morning as soon as you get up, outside for potty. Then back in the house and feed. Put the food down and then pick up the dish in about 10 minutes, even if its not empty. Its important that puppies are not fed free choice. Within 5 -15 minutes of eating, the puppy will need to poop. Take it ouside, take treats with you, and when the job is done, reward instantly. So time the feeding for when you are going to be able to do this right away. Unless you are supervising, puppy stays in crate in the house. About every hour, you take puppy outside to potty. I say 'go potty' and wait until something is produced, and reward instanty. The very last thing before I go to bed, it is outside for potty. My puppy slept in the crate and didnt even have one accident in there. He did have 3 or 4 accidents on the carpet when I had neglected to take him outside regularly enough. Feed the puppy 3 times a day and remember it will poop within a short time of eating. This is what makes the job so easy lol. If you have to leave the puppy for longer than around 2 hours, you could try to get someone to let it outside to potty. Other than that, this method will work like a charm. It does take time and effort and patience to train a puppy. I always make sure I have at least 2 weeks to devote to the job when I am getting a puppy, because then it is done, and done quickly, and done for life. They are very easy to train, especially with the use of a crate and a regular feeding schedule. Taking the puppy for lots of short walks is very good, too. It is something they need and they will be more settled in their mind so therefore much easier to teach all the things you are going to want to teach. Good luck!

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    Unfortunately there is no quick method to house train a puppy. It takes time, patience love and attention. Crate training is probably the best way. But that takes time and patience. Golden Retrievers need lots of exercise like taking her for walks or playing in the yard with her, not just walking around the house waiting for you to come home! If you are really busy, and don't have the time to take care of her, or house train her properly, you never should have gotten her! So, in what little time you do have, put her in the car and take her to a shelter and they will find a loving, patient, has the time home for her! Then your next stop go to ToyzRus and buy a stuffed animal that doesn't need love, attention, food, drink, exercise patience and time!!

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