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My cabg post operative report indicates "AORTIC VALVE Trileaflets and thickened"what is the meaning of this?

I underwent cabg surgery

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    I agree with venue. W/o context it could mean many things.

    A trileaflets is a type of replacement valve to replace a heart valve. The doctor could have used the word thickened in many ways the artery was thickened the valve was thickened.

    Ask your doctor that is why you pay him thousands of dollars.

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  • VenuG
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    9 years ago

    In my humble opinion the surgeon who operated you is the correct person for you to consult. Or the physician who attended you. It will be a wise thing to contact them and clear your doubts. If personally meeting them is difficult then telephone to them or send an e-mail. The most valid medical opinion concerning you can be obtained from them only.

    Wishing you an early recovery.

    Source(s): Personal experience
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  • 3 years ago

    They recommend a week from the following day. in the event that they meant the following day, in the present day being Thursday - and that's understood by potential of all worried - they could desire to declare "the following day," and not "Friday." to declare which would be suitable if it have been basically Wednesday, case in point.

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