Did anybody noticed ?

Did anybody noticed that whenever any terrorists attack occurs by fundamentalist group they never target any politician but only general public ??

The last time we heard about any incident of terrorist attack on politicians was Rajiv Gandhi by LTTE who're NOT known for religious extremism. Rest all of us know why LTTE targeted Rajiv Gandhi. But apart from this one non of the Religious fundametalist groups ever targeted any politician. How come ? Is there any political link ?.

I wish if they could blow any of those stupid politicians who made such silly comments that they cannot avoid 100% terrorist attack and some of us has to die.

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    10 years ago
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    Terrorists had attacked Parliament to kill Politicians, but the security Forces foiled their attempt.

    Also they want to strike on soft Targets, where they can cause maximum of the damage and chaos.

    This can be achieved at crowded places only. Obviously, Politicians seldom go to markets.

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  • 10 years ago

    LTTE is not a terrorist organization , they were fighting for a separate homeland because they were faced persecution in Sri Lanka .

    LTTE was a good military fighting force given the fact that they even defeated the Indian Army & Sri Lankan Army innumberable times.But they lacked political acumen & diplomacy .

    Victories against Both India & Sri Lanka went to their head .

    Why LTTE was defeated ?


    Prabahakaran was thinking like Hitler ..( who was an idiot )..in the mean time sri lankans . Je lacked both Political & Diplomatic acumen . and also statesmanship as well

    in the meantime Sri Lankans underestood the weaknesses of LTTE .This is when they saw the American crushing the Taliban .

    Sri Lanka Govt started using their Air Force Extensively & started using "Surface to Surface

    Missles " against the LTTE.

    Indian government under Sonia Gandhi financed the Sri Lankan Government , while Pakistan happily suppied arms to Sri Lanka almost free . China also sold weapons to Sri Lanka .

    In the mean time , Indian Navy started providing intelligence to Sri Lankan Navy about movements of the LTTE , it was just a matter of time LTTE was crushed by Sri Lankan Government.

    Sonia Gandhi sought the cooperation of Pakistani Government & Military , in crushing the LTTE ( who were also betrayed by men like Karunanidhi & Jayalalitha ). Pakistani Government had no problems because LTTE was a Hindu Fighting force .

    LTTE was defeated because of the shortsightedness of Prabhakaran - who I think was a egomaniac - deliberately LTTE into repeated wars with Sri Lankan government without ever seeking peace genuinely.

    LTTE is not a terrorist organization neither are Maoists or Naxalites in India . They are fighting for the poor people /

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    The Government functionaries are well protected and the public are not .The terrorists target the people so that they can instigate the people against the administration and create disaffection to the Government..Some local forces also play into their hands.Your wish that they should blast the politicians, is absurd .The terrorists shall not be allowed to use our territory for any act of violence .against anybody .We might hate our politicians ; but we can not and should not allow any one to be killed or harmed by anybody through any sort of violence .We are armed with the most effective and powerful weapon of election to deal with the unwanted politicians .

    ( Did anybody noticed ?

    This should be" Did anybody notice?" I chose to inform you of this because ,you have written twice like that and I could write to you directly and personally. Your ID is not found in your profile .)

  • Not really, religious fundamentalist group Babbar Khalasa killed then Punjab CM Beant Singh, even if you don't consider murder of Smt Indira Gandhi as murder by the same group but the sympathizers of that group. These VVIPs are under 3-4 fold security, else killing politicians would give more to these groups then killing 100s of people.

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    10 years ago

    During WWII many secret treaties were exposed......

    The treaty between ALL ALL politicians and terror-planners shall be exposed in due course.

    Now you know why "shouting with fist against mouth" about afzalguru dawood and kasab doesn't make any change.

    Most difficult role is played by BJP/SS/VHP/MNS which according to the treaty is to keep on violent-impotent lambasting.

    Watch again the video on parliament attack and look for any naturalness !

  • 10 years ago

    Terrorist do not target politician because they are in extreme security

  • 10 years ago

    Well it is easier to get to civilians than a politician with a ton of security

  • 10 years ago

    ya, you are right these politicians maye be the part of terrorists.and terrorism can be stopped 100% if (according to me) people stepping in the country without permission are jailed .......or if the politicians who have links With them are kicked out of country.

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  • 10 years ago

    All the terroristsare cowards who do not have real courage to do any frontal action.They can be bold like Kasab but every one is not Kasab.

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    Politicians have Z+ security but our security is ram bharosay.

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