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What is the meaning of "Yugpurush"?

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    It means Indians have a very limited understanding of Americans

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    Yug is Era

    Purush is the man

    Yug Purush means the person Icon of a particualr Era

    in one Era you can name many Yugpurush

    for example in India "Mahatma Gandhi" is true "Yugpurush", not only he upraise Indian with dignity of swadeshi and our self home rule but also he shown the path to eradicate untouchablity.

    Another "Yugpurush" was Acharya Vinoba Bhawe" he request huge Land-owners (Zamindars) to give handfull of land to poor farmers so that they will remain labors for generations.

    The Yugpurush was "Indira Gandhi"-Not only she was intrumental is "Bangladesh but also eradicate Punjab problem. She was pioneer of strong mathematic educaiton in Indian education system, and Indianising of foreign cambridge system of educaiton to ICSE

    Jaya Prakash Narain is also name you can say Yugpurush-he did remarkable embossing in Indian politics.

    Kiran Bedi is Yugpurush too, and more is Dr. Abul Kama Azad and many more Like Martin Luther.

    Guru Nanak, Kabir and Gurugobind singh also are Yugpurush in their Era.

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    Vijya has given you corret answer, by showing meaning of 'yug' and 'purush'. He has correctly given some names who are called 'yugpurush'. One thing one should know the fact who do good for all irrespective of any cast creed or sex for long time to come is called 'yugpurush'

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