How to extend C drive in windows 7 without formatting it?

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i have wondows 7 ulmilate unfortunalty i left C drive only 9 gb at installing time.. now i am undale to install any software because there is no extra space in drive C.. i just want more
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If the partition in question is directly after your primary partition, you can use the Disk Management tool to extend it.

Backup any data on the secondary partition

Start > RIGHT click Computer > Manage > Disk Management > Find your disk > Right click on the partition AFTER your boot partition (your C: drive) > Delete the volume entirely > Right click on your primary partition > You should now be able to extend your partition out to the old space.

If the partition is NOT directly after your primary partition, you will need to get a program called EaseUS Partition Master. It is a very useful tool in completely reorganizing your partitions the way you want.

A word of caution - because you are messing with partition tables and, depending the circumstances, moving data around, it is highly recommended that you back up all data first, as there is a rare chance that you could wipe all the data and/or break your hard drive's partition table using this tool if it is done incorrectly or the system shuts down while in process.


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  • IRRELIGIOUS answered 3 years ago
    You can copy or install all other softwares to another partition. You can use c drive only for Operating system so that it works better.
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  • Balosa answered 3 years ago
    9GB, that's really too small for your Windows 7.
    nothing serious if there is no extra space in drive C, because there are many partitioning program can help you extend C drive with the unallocated space (larger partition released)
    Aomei Partition Assistant, like the professional partition magic for Windows 7, worked well and ensure your data integrity.
    get the step by step instruction through the article:
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  • ? answered 3 years ago
    AS "AA Computers" says above (+1)

    Presuming there is another partition on the drive that you can move the data off of (temporarily) and DELETE, you can then expand your C: partition into the "unallocated space" remaining from deleting the next partition.

    I personally suggest 50-75gb for a Windows7 Partition, but if you have more available space use it rather than needing to change things later.

    As an example My Win7Pro OS installation takes up 34gb of an 85Gb partition on a 500gb drive
    that 500gb drive is the smallest drive on my computer, I also have two 750gb drives.

    After you have expanded your C: partition as much as desired you can then "quick format" the unallocated space.

    This can all be done within Disc management without any third party software.

    except for copying the data on your second partition off then back on the whole operation takes seconds.... IF you know from memory how to get to disc management.

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  • Shayan answered 3 years ago
    In most cases you can us the built-in Disk Management which you can find in the Computer Management under System and Security in the Control Panel


    personal experience
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  • Kitten answered 3 years ago
    Easeus Partition Manager Home Edition or
    if this is the wrong link google it should be the first link


    I have done this many times
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