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HELP!!! Ip address,DNS,Subnet mask same on laptop and desktop.?

Hi friends,

I am in trouble again.I had recently purchased a new laptop and it's wifi was not working.So I opened network properties.then TCP/IP,then I typed the same DNS,IP,Subnet mask,alternate DNS server in the TCP/IP properties as in my old desktop.(I just copied from the desktop by opening command promt in desktop and then typing ipconfig/all and then just copied the things from there.)

Now I want their ip addresses to be different.I don't want them to be the same at all.So what shall I do ?? Please tell a legal method,cause I don't want police knocking at my doorstep.PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE HELP!!!

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    OK, so your problem is the SAME IP address in both. The rest SHOULD be the same. In your TCP/IP network properties, you should have the box checked to "obtain and IP address" selected. Your router (the thing your computers connect to that connects tot he wire to your ISP, should have the DHCP server set to ON so it assigned your computers an address on your internal network. The IP address used should be in the form of 10.X.X.X or 192.168.X.X. My DSL router takes on for itself on my internal network, and starts with and up, for each machine I connect to my side of the router. I have 12 different clients connected to my home network. My laptop that I am using is My ISP assigned an IP address to my connection, and THAT is what my router gets as the address the outside world can see. The router does the translation between the inside and outside addresses. Think of it like an apartment house, with a single street address for the building, with unit numbers inside, where the postman delivers letters to the building, and then someone inside, the router, distributes letters to each apartment inside. Now, do see why eanc IP address for the clients MUST be different? If two apartments in the building have the same number, which one gets what? Look in the configuration of your router. There IS a way, usually through a web page access using the internal IP address. I would use for mine. You should be challenged for an ID and a PASSWORD. If NOT, you have NOT implemented security in your configuration, which is something you NEED to do! ASAP! Anyone can access your router from outside by typing in the IP address assigned to you by your ISP if you have NOT changed the security settings! Anyway, in the configuration, there is a place to control the DHCP settings. You need this turned ON. Then in each machine, you tell it to obtain an IP address from the DHCP server. and THAT will take care of your duplicate address problem. For now, simply increment the address. If you have, then use for the other machine with all the other settings the SAME. ONLY the IP address is different between machines on your home network. There is nothing illegal here, so there wil not be any cops knocking on your door. All that is happening is you are confusing the addressing scheme for delivery of the data. By having a duplicated address on the internal LAN, you are simply confusing your internal router as to which apartment to deliver the mail... The external delivery remains the SAME to get TO your apartment building. Hence, absolutely nothing illegal is going on here...

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    The LAN IP is used to communicate with devices like modem, router, VOIP devices, IP TV devices etc. connected to a LAN, a local area network. If you manually configure them, two devices should not have the same LAN IP. In your case simply change the LAN IP to some thing like Only the last digit is to be changed. DNS and Subnet mask should be same. DNS is domain name server, a computer that is used as a server is having this DNS as its address. Subnetmask, generally is a number used in conjunction with the LAN IP to get the address to which data packets should be send. You have not done any thing illegal. I also feel that even with same IP address your internet connections are working because the DHCP is enabled in your modem. There are two ways to set LAN IP addresses. One is manual configuration. what you have done is manual configuration. The second method is DHCP, dynamic Host configuration Protocol. Your modem will allot LAN IP to devices connected to your net work.

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    Just change the fourth part of your ip address in the range of 2-250 (but not the same as other pc)

    For example if ip address of your laptop is then change desktops ip to

  • 10 years ago is the ip for just ur desktop and laptop when u check ur ip address on other sites it will give u different ip addres and that cannot be changed.

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