Dmv permit test plz help?

can i take the test online if so what site? my friends parents were talking about online test and print it out and take to dmv and get permit idk im confused plz help

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  • 10 years ago
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    You have to take 3 tests to get your permit. The Drug & Alcohol test, road signs test, and road rules test. In most states, you can only take the Drug & Alcohol test online, so it depends on where you are. (i.e. this is true in my state, Florida.)

    Simply google "(your state) drug and alcohol test for dmv permit" or something along those lines and you should come acros and official site for it. When you complete the corse, you should get a printable notification that you have passed the test, although it should come up on your record in the DMV.

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    4 years ago

    effective, and the State of California would be satisfied to grant you an entire checklist! it truly is all interior the driving force's instruction manual, get one at any DMV place of work! It replaced into loose the final time I have been given one! learn 'yer bunz off and you will bypass without situation!

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