Is head and shoulders anti hairfall helpful for getting rid of hairfall ?

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i'm suffering from huge huge hairfall. plz suggest a shampoo and conditioner to be used to get rid of it..
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Beyond shampoo i have a solution for hair fall problem and rapid hair growth. You can do some yoga practices at home. Recently i cam across a link with very nice yoga tips. It will be help full for all the ladies. Please visit the below site for more details and tips on health.
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  • Su Kedi answered 3 years ago
    noo, it doesnt.
    Ive had the same problem (indeed i kinda still do..)
    the shampoo is only said to "help" the falls reasoned from hair damage... not the hair loss comıng from roots..
    there are TWO main reasons of hairloss:
    1.lack of vitamins and minerals.
    Remedy : take vitamin and mineral bars from pharmacy, or eat more veggies and fruits
    2. Stress and genetics
    stress makes the roots of your hair to close. you know what I mean? and so it prevents your hair to nourish. so they fall down. because they cant get their nutrition
    remedy : antidepressants (to prevent stress)
    I also would like to infrom you I use minoxil and it works (you can get it from pharmacy)

    note: I am not a doctor! so you had better go see a doctor. I'm not responsible. I'm just a sufferer from the same thing.

    and also : How old are you ? hair loss happens after 40-50 years... and unfortunately its not completely preventable :/ you can just ease it
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