What is the spiritual meaning of Matangi Rani?

What do you know about Matangi Rani? Why she/he wishes to change me into a Theist?


Mathangi is the right spelling. A member of Yahoo Answers, yes. 'Mathanga' means Elephant. I want to know why the member has accepted such a profile name? Is there any spiritual meaning for that?

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    M.R. is like a mother and a teacher to the R&S of Y/A. She gives a long list of questions to the spiritual growth and to make the aspirants strong. When she puts so many questions I feel she is giving me a lot of 'home work', makes me feel I am in primary school answering objective question paper. While answering I doubt whether have I gone wrong or not aware of the subject in depth. When she gives B/A, I feel content 100%. Thus I also update and refresh memory.

    'Conversion', there was no such attempt.

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    Mathangi is goddess. Mathangi Rani is member of yahoo. Mathangi Rani mam is an expert in spiritual and religion question is the meaning.

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    10 years ago

    Matangi Mahavidya Sadhana is primarily for beauty, marriage, happy,married life, son and material gains.

    She is one of the Dasamahavidyas. Here, this matangi is a guide, teacher, spreading knowledge, kind, and goddess.

    No subject left her. she teaches morality, ithihas, purana, queen of fun and fun only, current affairs, history, in all categories by her inspiring questions.

    i find one aspect. This member never hate any religion or religious texts. A common candidate between thiest and atheist.

    There are more members who come with great questions and surely, there is a place in the list to Mathangi Rani.

    i don't find any critisicsm, insulting, indirect hitting from her rare answers, because she is always good.




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    Goddess Mathangi is one of the 10 Mahavidyas.

    ' Matha Maragatha Shyama Mathangi Madha, Shalini Kuryath Kataksham Kalayani Kathamba

    Vanavasini Jaya Mathanga Thanaye Jaya, Neeloth Balathuthey Jaya Sangeetha Rasikey Jaya Leela Shugapriye '

    ' Oh Mathangi, you shine like the emerald gem! Auspicious One, you reside in the Kadamba forest, please cast thy compassionate looks on me. Hail to the daughter of Sage Mathanga! Hail to you who radiates like the blue lotus! Hail to you who enjoys music! Hail to you with a parrot as a pet! '

    In general sanskrit Mathanga does mean elephant. Maybe the member in question is elephant sized or elephant colored and also a queen. Elephant Queen...like the Bandit Queen.

    To know the exact answer all you needed to do was message the member and you would have received an elaborate and true answer !!

    On the other hand, this member has a tsunami of questions on various subjects and very good at sarcasm. The member wants to convert you to a theist since you have been unconvincing after all these years...

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  • 10 years ago

    The great member Mathangi Rani with her plethora of spiritual questions is an amazing talent and a wonderful person on the whole. I wish she continues with the same spirit and help us get closer to the Supreme Lord.

  • Yamini
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    10 years ago

    Mathangi is one of the goddess the hindus worship. Mathangi is kind, compassion and affection is the meaning.

    i am not so great to comment on member Mathangi Rani because she is great in asking questions and answering also.

  • 4 years ago

    Shyamala Dandakam Meaning

  • 10 years ago


    Below is the found explanation for Mathangi.

    Lord Shiva is also known as Matang, His Shakti (power) is called Mathangi. Her complexion is dark and She possesses a moon on Her forehead. The three-eyed goddess is seated on the crown decorated with jewels. Her luster is like a blue lotus and is the destroyer of the demons (forest) like a fire. In each of Her four hands, She has a noose, a mace, an axe and a hook. She is a destroyer of the demons by enchanting them first with Her beauty and a fulfiller of every desire of Her devotees. She is worshipped for the attainment of great powers, power of speech, happiness in family life, etc.


    She blesses all those who worship Her with:

    • Sharper intellect

    • Knowledge

    • Wisdom

    • Gain proficiency in Music

    Raja Manthangi Ambika is a distributor of all the divine grace which any separated soul needs for evolution back to the Divine Mother or back to the “origin”. In other words the travel back of Atman-Soul to Paramatman, supreme soul, is enhanced and completed with the help of Raja Mathangi Ambika. She gives us all the needed blessings and helps us assimilate it and benefit from it. Any divine grace manifesting in us will be mediated and enhanced by Raja Mathangi Ambika both as a supreme advisor of the “creative force” and the distributor of grace of the “creative force” to us.

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    i find more members gave very good answers on the meaning of Matangi.

    Manikhya veenaam upalalayanthim,

    Madalasam manjula vaag vilasam,

    Mahendra Neela dhyuthi komalangim,

    Mathanga kanyam manasa smarami.

    Matha marakatha shyama, Mathangi madha shalini,

    Kuryath kadaksham kalyani kadambha vana vasini.

    Jaya Mathanga thanaye, Jaya Neelolpala dhyuthe,

    Jaya Sangeetha rasike, Jaya Leela shuka priye.

    -Shyamala Dandakam stotram.

    Respected Shri Odampully sir's answer to the question


    Jaya mathanga nayane jaya leela suka priye

    jaya samgeetha rasike jayesmin sannidim kuru

    ................................Mathan… madhasalini

    Mathangam means elephant. Goddess Sarawathi is described as Mathangi. Hindus like to connect Gods and Goddess to animals and natural substances like wind, rain etc. Ganesa is having the head of an elephant. But actually, Gods have no atributes and hence no need to worship them.

    No man without Shakti. Shakti is from the beginning to end of life helping man to survive. so, i opted this great Shakti, Matangi one of the Dasa Maha Vidyas in order to give me Shakti to spread knowledge, to learn knowledge using the opportunity given by yahoo.

    @Edit: i forget to come with the details ''why she /he wishes to change me into a Theist?'' - i find many skipped this including me. This is a great job like straightening tail of a dog. so, everyone, every member knows about you, and hence no one interested to answer. However, like vikram and vethal, i alone trying, but i have some confidence and hope. Afterall we are living on hope. haahhhaa.


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    Our Mind is as unique as our Body (finger prints).

    Even the family head can't dictate his views as everyone in the blood-relation has a unique mind.

    No 'matangi' can change anyone, if the person does not accept.

    A hypnotist even can't control another if the person is blockhead !

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