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What Does gan apathy bappa moriya mean?

Plz translate, it's very important

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    Ganpati bappa Morya means: Lord Ganpati Hails

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    Hello. Well I don't know if I can say what he was REALLY saying, I'm not Jesus. But I'll give it a shot. You may relate this phrase to the title of a "born again christian". The belief being that they now see the kingdom of God because they have been saved by Jesus and therefore, "born again". Rebirth can mean almost anything, metaphorically, such as rejuvenation or simply a change in thought. The gist of the saying is that, until a man changes his thoughts to the ways of God and light, he will not see the final kingdom. Thank you and Good bye. P.S- Anything stated in the above message is my own opinion and is not presented as fact. You are free to disagree and I apologize for any offense I may have inadvertently caused, however I assure you that it was not my intention nor would I choose to push any of my beliefs upon the reader. Thank you and Good bye.

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    Google translate it.

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